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is there a way to have a particular website in the taskbar? I noticed some urls keep on reappearing after I've deleted it after frequent use, while others don't

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I frequently visit some websites which i usually access via typing the suffix in the taskbar/awesome bar (various reddit websites). After awhile these urls show up in the taskbar (which i don't mind and understand). However, Despite deleting them, other websites which I would like to show under the taskbar (such as npr.org, bbc.co.uk) never appear. I think they have shown up before but i accidently deleted it.

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  • Pando Web Plugin
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More Information

I've simply tried visiting them more often, however it has never shown up. After deleting some websites I've noticed random websites (which I rarely visit) take the place of the visited URL under the taskbar list. This has occurred for at least the past 6 months. I would delete my history and start again but I prefer to keep it for archival purposes (incase i need to find something) and to retain all the shortcuts the awesomebar has learnt with my use.
Also using Aurora (Firefox 19.0a2 2012-11-26)