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Firefox 16.0.2 crashes on my macbookpro that runs on 10.6.8; It causes such a freeze that it takes several times to restart my computer.

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Over a week ago, my computer kept crashing. I thought at first it was Firefox, and I followed some instructions on the website to accommodate my operating system and computer model. My screen only kept freezing, and it took longer to turn on my computer. It would take about 7 times of restarting before I would fully attain a rebooted system. Then soon enough, it would freeze again. I brought it into a mac dealer who fixed the unit through disc warrior thinking it was solved, and it was not. Then they told me that my hard drive was damaged and I had to replace it. When I returned to pick up my model, it froze at the desk. They then said the ram was damaged and they fixed it for free. Tonight, at my second time on Firefox, it just went crazy on the screen and then froze. It took seven tries to turn on my machine. I can only think that the Firefox that I have is infected, and it has to be replaced, or else that the operating system that Firefox is currently distributing isn't compatible with my computer and operating system.

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