Invalid URL Errors when trying to access custom Sync Server(rev 532) from Firefox 17.0 for Android via HTTPS

I currently have Sync Server(rev 532) installed on FreeBSD-STABLE(stable/9) and have Firefox 17 on Mac OS X and Windows XP sync successfully. But when I try to pair Firefox 17.0 for Android by entering 3 rows of 4 letter codes into Firefox on Desktop, the sync never ends on Android, although the Sync account gets listed in "Settings> Accounts & sync> Firefox Sync". If I try to pair the Android with advanced setting (using the Recovery Key), I get "Please enter valid server URL" after entering custom server URL (I tried mozsync.mydomain.tld, https://mozsync.mydomain.tld, https://mozsync.mydomain.tld/) along with my account information. I had my Sync Server listen on HTTPS only, but if I setup my server on HTTP, everything works as expected. The content of log file for SSL connection only includes the logs from my Desktop and none from my Android device. Direct access from Firefox for Android to "https://mozsync.mydomain.tld/weave-delete-account" succeeds, and this connection gets logged. My device is HTC Evo 4G (named HTC EVO WiMAX ISW11HT in Japan) with officially updated of version Android (2.3.4 Gingerbread :P) by HTC.

I currently have my Sync Server listening on HTTP, but I am little uncomfortable with my syncing datas being tranmitted without SSL. Any help is appreciated!!!

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