Watch video on other pages then Youtube

Hi! I can not watch videos on other pages than youtube. Even if it is a youtube movie link or different type of video. The area where the video is supposed to be is just a blank area and when I press it the video starts and I can hear the audio, but not see the video. I have tried all the fixes I could find, different plug-ins, upgraded my plug-ins, downgraded the flash player from 11.2 or 3 to 10.3 and so on. I have Firefox 17 and have downgraded my flash player to 10.3. I also have RealPlayer installed (but not as a plugin?). I can see the videos no problem in Internet Explorer but they are blank in Firefox and I only hear audio. On pages with youtube videos can watch them if I copy the URL and load to youtube video in a different tab, but this is to cumbersome.

Please help

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