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I can't name a new folder when I create a bookmark.


This is the situation: I make a bookmark, and I want to put it into a new (sub)folder. So I go to the folder I want the new folder in, and click 'new folder'. Now instead of giving me the opportunity to name my new folder, it just makes a new folder with the very useful name 'new folder'. When I go to the bookmark dropdown menu, I can change the name in the properties, so it's not a very big problem, it's just very annoying. If anyone can tell me how to fix this, I'd be very glad. Firefox has been doing this since I've installed it on this computer.

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Are you using Firefox Sync to sync your bookmarks?

We've seen cases reported that when Sync is enabled you do not get the time to enter a name.

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I have. I can't remember if I had this problem before using sync, but I probably didn't. I suppose this means there's nothing I can do to fix it?

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I do not use Firefox sync, but have used Xmarks for synchronization. I don't see any connection, as I continue to have this problem, even with Xmarks disabled or when running Firefox in safe mode. I have had this problem for many months now, IIRC, from FF13 through the current version, FF19.

P.S. I have seen the problem on at least 4 different machines, from a 2GHZ Pentium M running Windows XP to a 3GHz i7 running Windows 7

P.P.S. After further research it appears that the culprit in my case is "Auto-Sort Bookmarks 1.6" Disabling the "autosort" option in "Auto-Sort Bookmarks 1.6" seems to be enough to restore normal Firefox operation. So it seems likely that anything which tries to access (in particular rearrange) bookmarks in real time might trigger this problem.

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