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After uninstall Firefox using Control Panel, it reinstall itself without asking for permission: Firefox becomes a malware?


Want to uninstall Firefox completely but it kept on coming back by downloading and self-installing itself without asking for permission. This has been going for five times: every time it was deleted, it re-installs itself after 1-2 days. Tried deleting Mozilla folder in Program Files and AppData folder these didn't do anything. Please help. Thanks a lot.

Russel F.

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This started when...

Firefox is deleted.


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Is there another user on the computer that is reinstalling Firefox? Are you an Administrator on your computer or is there a program such as McAfee Deep freeze which resets the PC every time it is restarted?

Question owner

No. This is my computer and I have the admin pass to add/remove software. We don't have McAfee but we have Sophos in my computer. I am not sure if it resets the computer upon restart.

Thanks a lot for trying to help.

Russel F.

Jewelianne 0 solutions 1 answers

I am having the same issue and I don't have McAfee. I have uninstalled FireFox several times now and every time I shut down the computer, on reboot it is back on the desk top as a fresh install. We have two accounts on our computer, mine and my sons, and at first I thought that my son had installed it again but later realized that it was not him but it was FireFox. Please note that I had uninstalled Mozilla FireFox many months ago so seeing it suddenly was surprising. The only recent event and change that coincided with this happening was my switch from an online DSL provider to Time Warner Cable RoadRunner Service. I switched only a few days ago and I noticed Mozilla on my desk top only a couple days ago. I am not sure if they offer their package encouraging use with Mozilla, but I highly doubt that is it since I refused to download any of their software package and I am only receiving the actual connection itself. I do know that any time you uninstall a program it is never really gone, there are always fragments left over deep within the computer and I just wonder if Mozilla didn't find a way to exploit this fact. I hope that this is resolved quickly because I only use Google Chrome, it is the only one that has never given me grief, I love its set up and design, and it is just everything that I want in a browser. I never ever use IE and never will unless I don't have a choice, and now for sure I won't put Mozilla on my computer again once I finally get it off.

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