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While usimng tiled tabs opening a link opens 4 more tiled tabs instead of just opening the link in the tile where it was found

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I am set up to use a default layout of four tiles in Firefox 16.0.2 (OSX 10.8.2) so that I can look at four separate web pages at once. This is really handy; however, it does not work consistently. Sometimes when I open a link, the link opens within the tile, which is what I prefer. Then I just use the "home" function or the "back" function to get back to the original tile. On the other hand, sometimes opening a link spawns another complete four-tile layout.....and another link within one of those tiles might spawn yet another 4-tile layout. Can I configure Firefox so that links only open within the tile? If so I can't figure out how.

Also.......saving the 4-tile layout does not seem to remember the four separate four links. If I have to reload my saved layout I simply get 4 tiles of the home page.

If I can't, then my suggestion is that Firefox be "improved" to do that because having multiple 4-tile screens gets messy real quick.

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You can check the startup setting:

  • Firefox > Preferences > General > Startup: When Firefox Starts: Show my windows and tabs from last time

See also:

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Thanks....this solved the second half of my problem, but not the first.

I took a look at "about:config" but since I'm not a Java programmer I wouldn't begin to understand what to change here to insure that whenever I click a link within a tile, that link opens within the tile instead of opening a whole new set of tiles.

If anyonme can help with that, I'd be grateful

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How are you saving those four tiles?

I assume that you mean four Firefox windows each with the own toolbars and tab bar (on Mac there is probably only one menu bar).

Or are you using an extension to split one Firefox window in four sections?

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In the Mac version (16.0.2) I use the Tile/Tabs icon to create and save a default "new layout" of 4 tabs. That's what opens when I start Firefox.

In each tab I have a separate webpage; and using your last tip it now restores the last pages being used.

When I open a link within a tab (a CNN news link as one example), I get inconsistent results. Some links open within the existing tab, which is what I would prefer; but sometimes opening a link on a website spawns a whole new 4-tab layout (which does have its own menu bar etc.) with one of the new tabs being the new link I clicked on in the original 4-tab layout. It's as if a whole second copy of Firefox with a second 4-tab layout has been spawned.

 If I click on a new link in one of those 4 tabs, it may open in that tab, or it may spawn yet another 4-tab layout. 

To get back to where I was, I have to close all the new 4-tab layouts until just the original is on the screen..

I haven't really tested this to see how many 4-tab layout copies of Firefox I could spawn, but I'm guessing a lot since I have 12 GB memory.

If I attached the image correctly this what multiple 4-tab layouts begin to look like just from clicking links

Thanks for your help

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Sounds that you are using the Tile Tabs extension and that the extension isn't working properly is all case.
In such a case you need to contact the developer for support.

There are also a lot of directions on the extensions page:

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You know you're right.....I completely forgot that Tile Tabs was an extension and that I'd added it somewhere along the way. I need to spend some time with the "manage" function for this extension and see if there is something in the configuration there that would solve this

Thanks much

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You're welcome.