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I use firefox but I do not want it in my dock. Can I remove it from the dock and still use it?


I would like to keep firefox out of my dock so that customers do not click on it. Can I do this while I am still using it on another screen?

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Well if Firefox is open it will be in the dock (that's the nature of Macs, anything open shows in the dock. However you can right-click on the icon and go to options, and uncheck "show in dock" to not show Firefox when Firefox is closed.

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Is there a way to change the icons appearance, say to a pencil and paper, instead of the well known firefox icon?

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I also think you can right-click on the icon and go to options, and uncheck "show in dock" to not show Firefox when Firefox is closed. wish you success



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I have Firefox open all the time. I use two screens, one is a large flatscreen tv that has surf reports and weather reports on it. So that customers to my store can see whats going on. I use Firefox for this. I have another screen that is computer size and I use this for internet patronage on Safari. The problem I have is people clicking on Firefox and messing up the weather and surf reports. I want then to only be able to identify Safari.


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