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How i get full path in mozilla firefox using input <file> tag


Dear Sir, How i get full path of file using <input type="file"> tag in mozilla firefox 16.0 I allready get full path in internet explorer using value attribute but not in mozilla. So pls send me solution on this.

Thanks in advance.

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Why do you need the full path?

It should be sufficient to have the file name.

  • bug 143220 - [FIX]Script can get the value of a file control, including the path

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Dear Sir, i want to upload word file and store full path in my database so that admin of website can download that word file by clicking on that path.

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You would need an extension to get access to the full path.
Normal websites do not have access to the full file path for security reasons as you can read in the above posted bug report.

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I would also like this factility

I need our staff to select the "location" of an ISO file on the network, so there is no need to actually upload the file, we just know it location. Having a form "without" multi-part settings and using jquery to grab the path of the selected file from the input, would be perfect. All our staff use Firefox so we can change the config, I just need to know where.

We have control of the clients machines and can change their security settings, so turning this on would be useful.

Other that that what extensions could do this? I've searched without success

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I'm struggling too with this issue, I have built an intranet application for a customer who needs to store only the links to network files (so that the files can be edited and updated with external operations). In my humble opinion there is no security issue whatsoever, the clients already have access to the network shares via the file system... so my position as a developer is corrupted because it's very hard to explain to the customer why Firefox doesn't allow to retrieve local paths (when Explorer does). The customer would prefer to use Firefox but now they're forced to go with Explorer, where the settings for the intranet area can be different from the internet area.

P.S.: one of the solutions mentioned would be to add an extension to firefox, but it's not specified which one. I hope it's not "IETab", because if the only solution for Firefox to work is to behave like IE, then I'll just go with IE (and the customer too).