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Cant Set up SYNC



I am setting up a new computer and want to SYNC all my Firefox bookmarks and Passwords but it won't let me.

I am trying to SYNC my computer with my SNYC data and each time I try to SYNC I sign in and then it asks me to PAIR the device.

I not not pairing a device I want to SYNC my computer and there is no where to "PAIR" a computer or enter a 12 digit code.

How do I set up SYNC on my computer and get it to SYNC to my exsisting data?

Thank you


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Did you ever setup Sync before and do you have an existing Sync account or are you using Sync for the first time?

If you've used Sync before then the only way to connect to that account may be to enter the authorization data (name, password, sync key) manually by clicking the "I don't have the device with me" link.

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I have an account to which I SYNC'd my info.

I am now migrating to another computer and trying to SYNC the info to it.

All I get is Enter the 12 digit code on the device blah blah blah...

It's not a Device its a computer...

thank you

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More info..

I open FF then PERFERENCES then SNYC tab.

I then get I have an account or Create an account.

I select I have an account. It then gives me a 12 digit code I'm supposed to enter somewhere.

I click cancel on that page and then enter the code on the now displayed page where it says enter the 12 digit code from the device"

I do enter the code and I get an error saying I'm wrong.

This is utterly ridiculous. I have a sign ID and Password and can't sign on to do anything. And yes it works because I can sign on on the other computer..

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Each Firefox installation or Profile is a device.

That 12 digit code requires that both devices be running with Firefox opened.

Do these steps on the computer you are trying to add to Firefox Sync.

   At the top of the Firefox window, click the Firefox button (Tools menu in Windows XP) and select Set Up Sync. The Firefox Sync Setup window will open.
   Click I Have an Account.
   Since you're not near the device with Sync already set up, click the I don't have the device with me link.
   Sign in to your Sync account:
       Enter your account email address
       Enter your password
       Enter your Recovery Key (aka Sync Key)
       Then click Next 
   You will see a Setup Complete screen. Click Finish to complete adding this device to your Sync account.

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Hi Edmiester

Tried all that..

The other computer is gone, in pieces. I foolishly assumed that by syncing I could just sign on again and SYNC the new computer.

Silly me to apply logic.

I have no Recovery Key to install. It won't give me one. How is one supposed to get a recovery key when you need one to sign on but can't get one unless you sign on?

Why I would need a Recovery Key defies any logic. I have my sign on and Password.

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The Sync (recovery) key is used locally to encrypt your data before it is uploaded to the sync server.
Without that sync key you can no longer access that stored data.
You will have to generate a new sync key and your data is lost if you do not have a backup of your old sync key.

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So how do I generate a new sync key?

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You can see that in the second link that I posted above:

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i cant find the ******* box to enter the 12-charcater code to add the other device like all the previous writers purnpaul

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Things are out of sync here! This should be pretty simple stuff.

The help pages maybe out dated as I am trying to setup a MacBook as another sync device. On my iMac, I setup the sync account because under Tools / Sync Now is enabled, but on my MacBook when I click on already have an account, and it generates the 12 digit key, there isn't another step forward but to copy the 12 digit down and cancel out of the program. Not good flow. Then when it comes to pairing a device and the 12 digit number is input, the continue button is grayed out, and that is where it ends, or it returns an error response to re-input the 12 digit number it just rejected.

The web help pages state to go to FireFox web site home page and click on the sync button at the bottom of the page, but there is no sync button at the bottom of any FireFox web page? As I read through these help pages on setting up other computers for Sync, I am simply baffled that what is written just doesn't happen. There has to be a more logical approach to setting up other devices to the sync setup account. Anybody with suggestions?

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Helpful Reply

I'm not sure if you can use another mobile device to get a 12-character pairing code.

You probably have to use a desktop computer to such 12-character pairing code and both computers (devices) need to be online at the same time.

See also:

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I got it! Just on this statement alone! The light turned on. The initial web page article in setting up another device could have been simplified.

Once I realized that you have to go to the primary computer that setup the sync account to obtain the 12 digit key, and input that in the other device to add / sync, it worked. It took less then a minute to do. Thanks so much, and I was very impressed with the process as I had to rebuild a MacBook and wanted to create a facsimile of FireFox from my iMac.