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How do I create a new folder in bookmarks?


I followed the suggestions from post a year ago, but the answer I was directed to no longer works. This used to be easy until they changed the bookmark section on Firefox. Wondering why there does not seem to be a choice simply marked "New Folder" or if there is, where is it?

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If you select the Bookmarks Menu in the bookmarks window, what options do you see if you right-click in the window? New Folder should be one of the options in the context menu. You open that window with Show All Bookmarks in the bookmarks menu.

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You also you have that choice in the Organize menu in the Library (fist button on the toolbar next to the Back and Forward) if the right pane is selected showing and one of the three main bookmarks folders (Bookmarks Toolbar, Bookmarks Menu, Unsorted Bookmarks) has been selected via the left pane. You can't add a new folder at the root level.

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To create a new folder in Bookmarks: Click on "Bookmarks". Then click on "Bookmark this page". A small pop-up screen will have fields for "name" (of the page), "folder", and "tags". To the far right of the "folder" field are two downward arrows. Click on the one farthest to the right. This will show you all the existing folders, and an option to make a "NEW FOLDER". Before you click on this, you may want to select an existing folder to put the NEW folder into. If so, click on the folder of choice, then click on the "NEW FOLDER" option. The new folder will appear at the bottom of the menu. You can name it now, or later. When all fields have been filled to your satisfaction, click on "DONE". I'm not sure how you'd do it without starting with a page you want to save, but you'll find a way, right?

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The "New Folder" option is not working in Firefox 20.0.

1. Right click - Select Bookmark This Page
2. Select "New Folder" option under an existing folder to create a subfolder.

Instead of creating a new folder it actually is changing the name of the existing root folder. Any fix to this? I was able to add a folder by opening up the bookmarks with CTRL B and adding it that way, but that is slower. Thanks.

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click on bookmark icon (icon with cut-out-star and down white arrow) choose show all bookmarks to open library of bookmarks select bookmarks toolbar from left pane select organize from menu bar then select new folder

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fullyrealizedcom 0 solutions 10 answers

Thanks, but I can do it the way you suggest as I mentioned. The point was that there is a bug if you try to do it using the steps I outline.