Firefox won't update anymore?

So, when I first got Firefox, I was able to update to the latest version by clicking on "Firefox" scroll down on the top left corner of the screen, then clicking on "Help", and then clicking on "About Firefox".

Ever since update 14.0 something, my steps of updating Firefox mentioned above wouldn't work anymore. For example, after I click on "About Firefox" to update, the popped up window says:

Restart to Update (clickable) You are currently on the release update channel.

So, I click on restart to update, but it did NOT update nor did anything. Therefore, I have to manually keep downloading the new version by going to the Mozilla Firefox website, and then download the client, etc which is annoying.

Also, once I update my Mozilla Firefox by manually downloading from the website again, it does NOT fix the update feature mentioned earlier.

So, my question is: Does anybody know why this update feature mentioned above does not work for me anymore?

Thanks. I look forward to your replies.

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