Firefox Memory Leak <!FIX!>

Hello fellow Firefox users!

For most of us, Firefox suffers from an insane memory leak, this can cause slow-down, and maybe even crashes. This happens mainly because when you close tabs, the RAM they took is still taxing your computer. That among other things cause this annoying leakage.

-SOLUTION- I recently switched to Firefox, and has this leak. I would not put up with it, so I set out for solutions. Here is what I came up with.

Some add-ons I've handpicked, that when combined, are extremely effective.



MemoryRestart 1.1

-ALSO- Firefox acting slow? Try these great add-ons!

SpeedFox 0.9.11

DownThemAll ________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Get all of those together, and make a leak free, and faster Firefox!

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