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Firefox 16.0.1, youtube videos freeze after 2 seconds. FF crashes.


Youtube videos freeze after 2 seconds of play...audio continues for about 5 seconds tops. The whole browser becomes unresponsive and I have to ctrl+alt+del to the process level to close FF16.

This is a fresh install after I uninstalled my customized version, so BONE STOCK FF16 is failing me. I have tried 11.4 flash current release and 11.2 flash release to get my problem solved.

NO CRASH IDs. No formal crash per se, just a totally unresponsive browser.

By the way....Chrome runs youtube without incident. WTF.

Additionally, this problem doesn't exist on my install of Waterfox...an open source 64bit variant of FF 15. Maybe I have some sort of x64 issue. I think that might be the issue with the 32bit standard FF16 build. Still wonder why this happened in the first place.

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Chosen solution

I run McAfee OAS Business Class A/V, never had an issue or a virus in 4 years.

SOLVED. Watefox is the only way it seems. Firefox needs to address this flash issue on its own it seems.

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Abdul Alhazred 0 solutions 2 answers

Yup. everything works fine in waterfox. maybe 3s freeze when loading stuff, but everything works, all addons... and newest flash. so... its firefox issue.

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You can check for problems caused by recent Flash updates and try these:

  • disable a possible RealPlayer Browser Record Plugin extension for Firefox and update the RealPlayer if installed
  • disable protected mode in Flash 11.3 and later
  • disable hardware acceleration in the Flash plugin

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I don't use or have realplayer. This isn't 2005.

I have already seen the second KB article and it didn't help me, I am running flash 11.4 and have downgraded to 11.2, which didn't help.

I am back to running waterfox, and after my clean install, I have no issues.

I just occasionally need FF16 proper to use some sites/addons that are not compatible with a 64bit browser. For that, I will use chrome until firefox and flash can get along...or flash to die altogether.

My solution: Delete everything and backup your bookmarks, stylish themes or note them down. Uninstall FF16 and remove personal data. Reinstall, then install waterfox. Restore your backups for everything and go get your addons back.

Protected mode fix did not work, hardware acceleration is kinda important, don't feel like removing that feature.

Abdul Alhazred 0 solutions 2 answers

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Or.. just install waterfox. without wiping out your entire firefox data. waterfox now is using my firefox profile, and everything is fine. no need to erase anything.

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hello, what security related programs are running on your pc?

trusteer rapport was reported to cause freezes with flash content, but an update seems to be available which addresses the issue.

Chosen Solution

I run McAfee OAS Business Class A/V, never had an issue or a virus in 4 years.

SOLVED. Watefox is the only way it seems. Firefox needs to address this flash issue on its own it seems.

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I fixed this issue by switching my browser to Chrome. I'm completely sick of playing around trying to fix a FireFox issue... Video's play fine in Chrome. I got excited when I saw a new minor release come out for FF, and alas - same issue.

FF user for more years than I care to remember... fix this issue Mozilla, and by "fix" I mean release an update that works, quit directing me to "real player" (what year was this popular again?) and trying to get me to downgrade flash player... Chrome Videos: 1, FireFox: 0.

p.s. I hate Chrome.. seriously.. fix this issue!

Pope1944 0 solutions 3 answers

This has been an ongoing problem and none of the proposed solutions has worked for me. I have FF16.0.2 and Flash 11.5.502.110 on a Windows 7 (64bit) machine. The problem is maddening. I use Chrome but i REALLY don't like it. Can Mozilla and Adobe please work out some solution. I'm not a computer guy but if flash works OK on Chrome and IE doesn't that mean the issue is with FF???

Pope1944 0 solutions 3 answers

FF17.0.1 installed today. No change. The first you tube video stalled right away. If you roll the mouse over the video it catches up but stalls again. You have to keep moving the mouse. I am about to give up totally and just succumb to IE.