Bookmarks have become slow and awkward

For the last month, it may have been after an upgrade but I can't remember, my bookmarks have been behaving extremely slowly.

* When saving a bookmark the first time in a session it's usually ok, but more and scrolling down the folders becomes very slow. Also, if I want to add a new folder, it will make the folder but I can't see it. So I save anywhere and then go to manage bookmarks, find the New Folder and rename it then move the bookmark to it. 
* When trying to organise/rearrange my bookmarks I can move, say, two or three easily but then the manager starts to hang for about 10 seconds. Now that might not seem long but when you are trying to organise a fair number it is ages. 
* At times clicking the close X on the bookmark sidebar doesn't work so I have to "ctrl b" to close. 

The whole thing with bookmarks is now extremely frustrating.

I had synced my bookmarks and wondered if it was that, so I deleted the sync; no change.

I have now upgraded to FF 16.01; no change.

It is perhaps similar to this bug,, but this was reported TWO YEARS ago!


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