I cannot remove as the search engine for the mozilla firefox start page

I've almost completely removed search.babylon, but cannot get the last bits of it to leave. Search.babylon remains the default search engine of the about:home page for firefox, and no mater how many times I reset the babylon entries in about:config, they just go back babylon afterwards.

I know that there are a lot of people having problems with Babylon, and lots of answers. I've tried every suggestion I could find, without success.

The things I've tried:

1. Babylon toolbar was never in my firefox extensions, so there's nothing to remove there. 2. I've uninstalled Babylon via the windows control panel. 3. I searched the entire C drive for any file containing the word babylon and deleted both the files and the containing folders. 4. I've removed search.babylon from my "manage search engines" list. 5. I've reset my home page. 6. I've reset every result containing "babylon" in about:config about a dozen times. 7. In the web developer scratchpad I executed "javascript:{localStorage["search-engine"]="{\"name\":\"Google\",\"searchUrl\":\"\"}";void(0);}" 8. Thoughout this process I've restarted firefox countless times.

Nevertheless, whenever I open a new tab or page, and try and use the search on about:home (the default mozilla home page, with the firefox logo in the center and "Downloads, bookmarks, history, addons, sync, settings" at the bottom), I'm taken to

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