posted by jckxck 5 years ago
Blank tab position: How can I make new (CTRL+T) tabs open on the left instead of far right?

When I open a new tab (new, blank tab, from a link), it opens on the far right of the tab bar. This doesn't work for me because when I open a new tab, I use it immediately, so I would like it to be appear adjacent to the tab I'm currently using. I've scoured support and forums without finding a way to change the position of new tabs.

NOTE: When I say "new tab," I am mean NEW tabs - the kind that contain the new tab page, created using CTRL+T or File->New Tab not tabs opened from links. I am emphasizing this point because I have found plenty of questions and answers about how to make links opened in a new tab open on the far right or next to the current tab by changing the value in browser.tabs.insertRelatedAfterCurrent in about:config.

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