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Since I must stick with my OS X 10.5.8, should I uninstall Firefox 16 and re-install Firefox 15.0.1?


Or, since both have security problems for OS 10.5.8 that Apple refuse to acknowledge (their way of forcing us to upgrade - very Microsoft-esque!), should I just switch to Safari or Chrome, both of which I hate. I really want to stay with Firefox. How much of a security risk is it? For comparison purposes, how much would the upgrade to 10.8 cost in the US (I live in Ireland), please?

All and any help would be much appreciated - thanking you in advance.

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you are welcome

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Hi fnibhriain

Do NOT uninstall 16.0 because it is the latest compatible for your 10.5 mac

see: Firefox 16 System Requirements

Firefox no longer works with Mac OS X 10.5

the upgrade from 10.5 to 10.8 the cost is 45-50 dollars see why:



........How much of a security risk is it?...... we can not measure but you have not security updates or fixed bugs any more if you stay to 16.0.

thank you

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The current release of Firefox is 16.0.1, which fixed issues in 16.0. You can use Help > About Firefox to confirm that you have it.

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Thank you Ideato,

Your information has been most helpful. I actually have Firefox 16.0.1 installed and it was its warning message sent to me today that made me query the security issue.

I will keep it and follow up on those upgrades - thank you for the very informative links. And, WOW! Mac upgrades are much cheaper in the US!

Thanks a million!

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Thank you, already installed - lazy typing on my part!

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you are welcome