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Website not opening in Mozilla Firefox 15 but works perfectly in Internet Explorer


I,m using Mozilla firefox for last 5-6 years but never faced such a wierd problem. My internet connection works perfectly and all sites are opening in Internet explorer but not in firefox. i,ve tried few things but didnt worked for me at all.. 1) Uninstall Firefox and reinstalled it again 2) set ipv6 value TRUE for firefox 3) ESET Smart security 5 is installed in my system but i dont know if it blocked firefox. although till yesterday everything was working fine. 4) Checked options-> advanced->network->settings. Ryt now its NO Proxy setting as i,m using broadband connection in my home on my PC. 5) Tried system restore to previous date but didnt worked for me again.

This happened for the first time that internet working in firefox but working on other browsers. I personally just love to surf on firefox so i want its solution.

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This started when...

i started my PC n while booting Win 7 restarts again and checked hard drive for errors. After that it works fine but somehow firefox unable to open any website.


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Presumably Firefox is itself working, and it is able to open local files, such as web pages (in a suitable format) or other files saved on the computer.

Are you able to access your router with your browsers? (Presumably you can do that in IE without problems). Do the router diagnostics help?

You mention ESET. I do not know much about that but it seems fairly sophisticated and is often involved in firefox problems see for instance /questions/934742

I note he UK ESET site includes links to a support forum http://www.wilderssecurity.com/forumdisplay.php?f=89

Configure firewalls so that Firefox can access the Internet does not at the moment specifically mention configuration of ESNET software, if you find suitable publicly available links I would be interested in them and maybe would consider adding information to the KB article.

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i,m having bsnl broadband using seimens modem....previously i was able to access my modem from firefox by using iP But now i,m not able able to access my modem along with websites although my modem is accessible in IE as well as websites

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Hey guys I'm having the same problem. Everytime I try to type in a web address It doesn't go to the page. The status bar shows for 1 sec as if it wants to go the page but Mozilla is blocking it. I can pull any site I want from IE, so I know its not my connection or a firewall issue. I'm far from being a techy but hopefully I can get some help on this because I love using firefox over IE.

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Look at ESET and any other security software, it appears something is blocking Firefox.


 but Mozilla is blocking it.

I doubt anything is is being blocked by Mozilla. There is phishing and attack site blocking, but if

Everytime I try to typest back in this thread wr in a web address It doesn't go to the page. 

then something else is your problem.

It is probably best to start your own thread by asking a question using the link /questions/new. Post back in this thread once you have done that so that so readers of this may find your question.