I cannot contact Mozilla as the website and under "Help" in the browser both say in a smart ass way that I can't do that till I update, yet it IS updated!

For months I have been trying to give Mozilla feedback on the way it has changed its tabs, but when i go to "submit feedback" it takes me to a page that, in a patronizing and demeaning tone, tells me I have to update to do that, there is no other option! But I AM up to date, even the "about firefox" box confirms that. So I go to the website under contact and it takes me to the same page saying I must update! This is incredibly frustrating and seem to indicate that Mozilla has got too big for its boots and cope with its own projects. then again, an organisation that changes in a so-called "update" the most intuitive and useful new page tabbing system to a clunky 2 step action has surely lost the plot already. Apparently they don't even want to hear that as they make it IMPOSSIBLE to make contact

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