Firefox freezes for a short second while scrolling.

Okay. I am going to do my best to explain this and the steps I have tried unsuccessfully to resolve it.

During normal use (Even without any addons at all) after a short time, 5-10 minutes, sometimes quicker my Firefox stutters for a second, my mouse stops during the stutter and then it unfreezes. Once this starts happening, it happens VERY frequently, like every other second, when I am scrolling up and down a page is when it is most noticable, the mouse cursor stops while firefox is "Frozen" and it resumes after a short second.

Things I have tried: I have completely removed firefox from my system, most registry entries, all folders related to it, deleted and I have tried a fresh new install. That seemed to have helped for a second but after a few minutes of browsing the symptoms return.

I have determined it is not addon related, as I have started fresh and didn't install any on my last reset attempt, it was having the same problem with or without addons

I have attempted that sessionstore.js fix, increasing the interval, disabling it completely, that didn't seem to help either.

This does not happen on Chrome, it is only firefox that does it. It doesn't even matter if it is a website, if I scroll up and down on the troubleshoot page in firefox it still stutters while scrolling.

I have tried everything that I know to do, and I can not fix it myself. Please, if you can help I would appreciate it.

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