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soft scrolling does not work as expected


With "soft scrolling" I expected that, when pressing the UP or DOWN arrow keys, the entiere page will move "softly" and rather slowly. But this does not seem to work. Instead, pressing one of these keys makes the curser rush through the frames line-wise, "jumping" speedily over "gaps" - - - which is of little use. Is there a way I could achieve that "soft scrolling"? My OS is Windows XP 32 Professional.

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Unselecting "Caret Browsing" solved the problem! Thanks anyway!

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Hi Panurg

go to about:config find

general.smoothScroll.lines.durationMinMS right-click on it, select modify and change the value to 1500 , click OK to save it

do the same with general.smoothScroll.lines.durationMaxMS and check it again.

check the scrolling with your up and down arrows and select a value, i think something between 1500 and 2000 is ok for you.

thank you

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Question owner

This did solve the issue - partly...

In fact, the scrolling still isn't a proper scrolling, but is somewhat jerky, uneven, - - - but slower so. I would appreciate an evenly-speeded motion, as it comes when permanently held the arrow-field at the vertical scrollbar's ends.

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check also :

general.smoothScroll.mouseWheel.durationMaxMS general.smoothScroll.mouseWheel.durationMinMS

general.smoothScroll.other.durationMaxMS general.smoothScroll.other.durationMinMS

general.smoothScroll.pages.durationMaxMS general.smoothScroll.pages.durationMinMS

general.smoothScroll.pixels.durationMaxMS general.smoothScroll.pixels.durationMinMS

general.smoothScroll.scrollbars.durationMaxMS general.smoothScroll.scrollbars.durationMinMS

check one by one to find your preferences

thanks again

Question owner

Done ages ago ;-} Neither of these affect the "scroll" behaviour as described. I found out that I ask for a key shortcut for the small square arrow fields on both ends of the (vertical) scroll bar. Only these, klicked-and-held, trigger what I call scrolling. The speed of this scrolling is indeed set by general.smoothScroll.scrollbars.durationMaxMS general.smoothScroll.scrollbars.durationMinMS

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Um... Have I unawarely said Jehova?? I assume the difference between scrolling and cursor shifting to be quite obvious. There are browsers where the UP/DOWN arrow keys are scroll-keys by default. In Firefox they are cursor shift keys. Is this a default that could be altered (e.g. to "scroll"), or is this a fix assignation? If the latter: Would it be possible to re-program this?

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See also this pref:

  • toolkit.scrollbox.verticalScrollDistance

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Unselecting "Caret Browsing" solved the problem! Thanks anyway!

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press f7 something to do with carat browsing just press it once