posted by Lars_A 5 years ago
Firefox too slow to respond


My OS is Windows Vista and I have used Firefox for several years with hardly no problems but for some months, starting with Firefox 14 (or 13?), it is now very, very slow. I use ADSL connection (broadband) with a speed of 6-8Mbit/s and the response time for Firefox is now around 120ms and receiving speed around 0.6Mbit/s. Sending is normal, though, with about 0.89Mbit/s. I also have Netscape Navigator 9 and Explorer and they are still fast, 7Mbit/s and 0.89Mbit/s (receiving and sending) and a response time of about 15ms. What have I done to solve the problem? This is what I have I tried:

- Searched for virus and trojans - Safe mode. - No add-ons. - No plugins. - No bookmarks. - Cleared cache and history. - Updated add-ons and plugins. - Shut down anti-virus and firewall. - Reinstalled with the Firefox button in the help menu. - Made a complete reinstallation after removing all profile files etc. - Changed the DNS servers. - Tried about:config and changed values

Yesterday I installed the Comodo IceDragon, that is almost identical to Firefox 15, and suddenly the speed was 7/0.89Mbit/s but, alas, only once for the Dragon and once for the Firefox. Then back to the normal 0.6/0.89Mbit/s. Is there anything more that I can do? Pleas bear in mind that both Netscape and Explorer are working perfectly and I do not receive any error messages.

Thanks in advance!

Lars Ahlberg Sweden

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