posted by jantje 5 years ago
Update via Help/About Firefox keep saying version "14.0.1 is up-to-date"

I can't update my current Firefox. I go to Help/About Firefox... and ik keeps version 14.0.1 "up-to-date". When i do this to my brother's pc, there is immediately ask to install Firefox 15. But when i go to Help/About Firefox... Firefox keep saying "version 14.0.1 up to date". It is'nt up-to-date because there is already version 15.

So why Firefox says "version 14.0.1" and "up-to-date". By other computers who use Firefox and i go to Help/About Firefox there is immediately a pop up that says that there is a new version, but my pc isn't. What's the reason?

I can install Firefox 15 manually, but why my firefox don't update when i go to Help/About Firefox . So i have to wait?

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