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my facebbok account do not load any images and i can't videoes, i have tried every solution from favicon to the "load image"option in tools ,help please?


well yesterday i removed all cookies that's all i did since then pictures and videos do not show i.e load on my facebook account i tried everything to fix it nothing seems to work. Please help.

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  • Facebook Video Calling Plugin
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  • Adobe Shockwave for Director Netscape plug-in, version
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Do you have your cookie handling set to "ask me every time"? If so, please see:

This article might help (or you might have already seen this one): Fix problems that cause images to not show.

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Thanks a lot, but actually my cookie setting is until they expire not ask me every time! and i checked again i made an exception for facebook to allow coockies. yes actually i've read that article over and over but i still have the same problem all the photos in my fb account are just white blanks I can't even view videos. can "removing all the cookies" have something to do with this?? because i removed all the coockies last night i don't know if that caused the problem! Thanks again.

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Site usually re-set their cookies if you don't send them, so simply removing them shouldn't make such a dramatic difference so long as they aren't actually being blocked.

Do you have any add-ons (particularly Extensions) that deal with cookies or privacy?

One of the complexities of checking for image blocking is that Facebook distributes its content over many different domains. Did you find any sites listed in the image exceptions list? I'd try removing all of them.

orange Firefox button or classic Tools menu > Options > Content

It's the Exceptions button to the right of "Load images automatically".

For videos, that could be a Flash player issue. You may already have seen these tips for Flash, but just in case:

  • There are some compatibility issues between the latest Flash player and some Firefox add-ons or settings. Could you see whether anything in this article helps: Flash 11.3 doesn't load video in Firefox.

Note that Flash 11.4 is now available, and it has some bug fixes so it's worth upgrading, but I wouldn't expect any dramatic improvements...

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as far as adds on and extensions i don't think i have any that deal with coockies and in image exception list i listed only facebook with "allowed statue" after i had this problem ,nothing else. For videos i have had flash player problem about 2 months ago then i updated latest version that solved the problem but now it happened just with the photo problems so i think some how they are connected,when i open a video it says this "the video you have requested could not be loaded. please try again later" and the images are just white blanks, anything else you might think could solve this? sorry for taking your time.

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A standard diagnostic for interference by add-ons is to try Firefox's Safe Mode.

First, I recommend backing up your Firefox settings in case something goes wrong. See Back up and restore information in Firefox profiles. (You can copy your entire Firefox profile folder somewhere outside of the Mozilla folder.)

Next, restart Firefox in Firefox's Safe Mode (Troubleshoot Firefox issues using Safe Mode) using

Help > Restart with Add-ons Disabled

In the Safe Mode dialog, do not check any boxes, just click "Continue in Safe Mode." click "Start in Safe Mode."

If Facebook works correctly, this points to one of your add-ons or custom settings as the problem. But of course, which one? Hmmm...

(Updated for Firefox 15 changes to the Safe Mode dialog)

Modified by jscher2000

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Hmm sounds kinda risky for my settings! but Thank you i will look for some other solutions if nothing could solve my problem i will try that, in the mean time if you could think of something else please let me know. your help would be much appreciated.

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Actually, the Safe Mode dialog changed in Firefox 15 so you have two choices: Start in Safe Mode and Reset Firefox. Avoid the Reset for now.

And yes, I recommend a settings backup, but of course you should do that periodically anyway, right? ;-)

Question owner

well today i wanted to see if my account has the same problem on other computers so i logged in to my fb account on my mom's laptop nothing was wrong there then i opened my mom's fb account on my laptop also nothing was wrong so only my account on my laptop creates that problem what about that? so confusing!!