"Clear recent history" does not clear recently closed tabs & windows

I've seen quite a few threads about this on here, and I'm now wondering if this actually ought to be reported as a bug...

I've always liked Firefox's better privacy options compared to other browsers, but this particular issue kind of renders them useless.

If I go to Tools>Clear Recent History>Everything (with ALL boxes checked) this does not have any effect whatsoever on the list of recently closed tabs & windows.

ie, If I then go to History>Recently Closed Tabs> all the previous sites I have visited are still there, despite having cleared "everything" from history.

Other threads I've seen on this topic, replies often suggest fiddling with settings in about:config or deleting/renaming sessionstore files...

Does anyone know of a more straightforward way to *actually* clear all browsing history?

Having an option to clear everything from the history is pretty useless if the next person using the computer can simply look at the 'recently closed windows' list and immediately see the sites you've been reading..

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