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Why aren't OS X Lion hiding scroll bars supported?


I know Opera doesn't support them yet, but Safari, Chrome, and many browsers already fully support the OS X Lion gestures and interface. My question is, one and a half years and nearly ten releases later, Firefox still blatantly refuses to even acknowledge that they need to support the Lion release, and Mountain Lion's already here.

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How do I install the file? (Which: the js files, or css?)

Matthew2D 0 solutions 5 answers

Honestly, I have no clue. There are instructions if you scroll down, but there confusing for me.


EDIT: Oh my bad. This is for webpages, not the actual browser. :( Sorry. I will look into os x lion hiding scroll bars some more.

EDIT: I found this, but I have windows 7, so I can't install this. You could give it a try.

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