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Recently experiencing slowness, and crashes

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Just recently---about a week,I'm experiencing extreme slowness, and crashes. Also, it seems the computer---an old one, just keeps running or looking for something, even though it seems I'm at the website and it doesn't need to do this? This used to not be a problem, but now it is. From a novices point of view, It just seems the computer wants to keep computing when it probably doesn't need to? I keep getting the two messages: Firefox not responding---associated with the little hour glass, and unresponsive script. These are the message's I get when things get slow and "unresponsive". Hope someone can help. I do try to keep up with the computer maintenance; hard disk, and defragging. But, that makes no difference. I have noticed though recently, that when I do clear space on my hard disk, I keep showing a lot of space can be cleared compared to normal? Thank you.

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Well, for starters, the version of Firefox that you are running is extremely old, which means it is a very slow version. I would do the following to try to speed it up:

  1. Download the newest version of Firefox from Install it.
  2. After Firefox is started up, Install all Windows updates
  3. Update all your plugins (Flash, Java, etc.):
  4. Scan for any Malware. You can use tools like MalwareBytes' Anti-Malware, TDSSKiller - AntiRootkit Utility and Microsoft Security Essentials (A good permanent anti-virus if you don't already have one)
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Hi Tylerdowner again,

 Did the firefox snyc thing, and got installed on my computer. Also backed up my bookmarks so I could move to another computer.
 But, the link to the windows forum really wasn't much help in trying to figure out how to do transfer data procedure. Every time I typed in the search words for the forum, (transferring data from old computer to new one) I got just about everything but that specific subject. Any suggestions as to how to use that forum Tylerdowner? Again, thanks
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I would create an account on and post a new subject on the forum. I'd just ask any questions that you have on how to transfer data between computers. However if you have questions, it might just be best to have a local reputable repair shop do it for you.

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 Didn't find a export button in my bookmarks menu. So, don't see how that's going to happen? But, if you can explain maybe I'm doing something wrong to locate bookmark's export? Having said that, if I do get that accomplished, how do I import the files to the new computer? Can you give specific instructions? Thank you duckwilliamson.
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 I'll try your suggestion, and see what happens with bleepingcomputer. Thank you.
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I'm in firefox 14 (newest) and when I click Firefox -> Bookmarks, I get a popup window with my list of bookmarks and in the header of the window is "Import and Backup". This is where you can do both your export/import for transferring between computers.

If this button doesn't exist on your old firefox, you can just upgrade to the newest (you've said you've already done that at some point), which should transfer your bookmarks into it, and then you will have that button :)

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Hi Tylerdowner,

 I installed firefox sync. If it does all that's advertized, retain bookmarks; and all those associated web sites that are within those bookmarks, passwords, preferences, add on, etc., it seems I almost won't need a flash drive/memory stick? Can you tell me if sync will in fact save all my bookmarks, or just retain selected ones? 
 When I get the new computer, it would seem I load the firefox program first---new version, and then go to tools and open up sync now. Once I open it, it seems it's just a matter of getting a code for the new computer within sync, and following the instructions? And, if all is successful, I will have retained ALL of my bookmarks, passwords, etc.? 
 Pretty neat deal, if all that happens Tylerdowner. Are you aware of any glitches within sync, so things don't work properly? Thank you Tylerdowner.
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sciencemagic, Yes, Sync will work (I'm hoping you didn't install some old Firefox Sync extension, but are using the one built into Firefox?). However, it is always best to make sure you have a physical copy of your data to use a backup.

Honestly it's really easy. You go to the Application Data Folder (Recovering important data from an old profile shows you how to find it) and from there, you can honestly just copy the whole "Mozilla" folder, put it on a thumb drive, go to your new PC, and paste it into APPDATA (before opening up Firefox) and every single setting will be right there. So it's up to you on what process you decide to do, it's all on how comfortable you are (as I said, if you get confused a local computer shop is the best way to go). But it's up to you on what process you decide to use (remember that besides Firefox data you still have the documents, pictures, etc. from your old PC).

Another good thing is you still have your old PC, so it isn't like you are losing data. If something fails to transfer properly, you can still grab it.

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Since this is turning into a windows/new pc thread, I'm going to lock it. Sciencemagic, if you still have Firefox issues, private message me and I'll re-open.

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