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Have version 14.0.1 cannot play Netflix on Firefox, works fine on Safari, getting loop.. please download silverlight.. have over and over again.

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I have spent days trying to get Netflix to work on Firefox, and hate Safari, but it works there.. Spent an hour with applecare looking at my computer, and they said that it must be firefox.. I have installed and unenstalled silverlightplugin, (it doesn't show as a plugin on Firefox plugin list, but it is installed in hard drive) I keep getting the message, "Just one minute more to watch movie, download silverlight plugin, I am on a MacBook pro, and am ready to give up Firefox if this cannot be fixed. I have talked to Microsoft, and they don't support macs except for their download that I am all too familiar with!!

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No one else has answered yet so I will make a couple of suggestions as to possible causes

  1. It may be a Flash 11.3 problem, Firefox has had a lot of problems with Flash 11.3 causing many users to resort to downgrading to Flash 10.3
  2. and this is a longshot but Firefox 14 had an experimental feature turned of by default some users turned it on as described for instance in
    this will cause problems with Netflix, and the official mention of the feature has been removed from the Release Notes.

There have been other recent problems with Netflix but they seem to be solved in Firefox 14 if the latest Silverlight is used, just for cross reference purposes see

  • "Netflix gives "you are viewing from more than one tab" error" /questions/928674
  • "Youtube, Netflix, and other sites continue playing audio after the tab is closed" /questions/928677

Also this question that contains a potential workaround:

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I tried the work around, and that didn't do I will try again unenstalling Flash. When I tried earlier, Open Office opened, and I couldn't uninstall flash.... not sure why that happened!

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I tried to download the earlier application of Flash but every time it was an uninstall app! I reinstalled the new one, but the problem still exists.. Don't know why the earlier version can't be installed. Any ideas?

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Please state which exact version of silverlight you are now using?

Also state the current version of FlashPlayer that is in use.

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Silverlight version 5.1.10411.0

Flash 11.3 tried to download earlier version but when I did, all that downloaded was the uninstall version!!

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Have a look at the article

that explains how to downgrade Flash Player.

There may be no guarantee that it will fix your problem but it is worth trying.

It seems that silverlight is up to date. If you visit the silverlight website e.g. it should comfirm that silverlight is installed and working,or offer to install it.

If you visit the site with Safari and Firefox you should get the same result.

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Netflix doesn't use Flash, it's 100% Silverlight, so the flash stuff won't be having any impact on this (besides, you are on Mac, all the Flash weirdness is confined to windows right now). So go ahead and make sure Flash is updated to 11.4 to stay secure.

As for the Netflix, we have been trying to investigate this and haven't found a 100% perfect way to fix this. It is seeming to be a Silverlight issue as of right now. Make sure you are entirely up to date with Silverlight and your OS, and also try to uninstall and reinstall Silverlight.

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Sorry about leading you astray relating to FlashPlayer.

I did come across a comment that you may need to not only install the latest version of Silverlight but also ensure that you have enabled it in Firefox as Silverlight 5.1 may not be re-enabled automatically on reinstalling.

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I had this problem on Netflix too. Here's a sure fix for MAC users:

  1. Access your hard drive (double click the hard drive icon in finder)
  2. Find the silverlight plugin (navigate to your Internet Plug-Ins directory: /Library/Internet Plug-Ins/)
  3. Remove the silverlight plugin (drag any of the following into your trash bin:
      * Silverlight.plugin 
      * WPFe.plugin
  1. Empty your trash bin
  2. Go to using your Firefox browser.
  3. Download and install silverlight
  4. Restart Firefox
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Hey Guys. Netflix screen read Error n8109 unknown error . BLAH>>>> for days and days with no avail netflix was not working on any browser at all.

i updated firefox ,

Start>Search programs and files>(search) silverlight clicked to open the search result then deleted everything found. then start>computer>(search computer) Silverlight then erase all results. just erase it.

clear cache and browsing history. i uninstalled silverlight. from the control panel>programs>uninstall programs>uninstall silverlight and disabled firefox>add-ons> disable all all add on you have.

go to netflix and try to stream any movie. it should ask you to download silverlight.

run download and install silverlight.

restart computer.

and TA - DA!

netflix worked.

i wanted to share. because it was very difficult to find a concise answer.