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Hi. After upgrading firefox, my internet connection is lost, this includes other browsers.


I finally decide to upgrade my firefox 3.6 version. After doing so firefox would not connect to the internet. The first thing I tried was IE and that didn't connect either. The next thing I tried was a system restore. (to get back to firefox 3.6). Now firefox doesn't open at all. I thought to try to change some of the Norton Antivirus settings, but that software is not opening either. Here is where I stand, firefox doesn't open, IE doesn't connect to the internet, and Norton antivirus doesn't open. I'm on a laptop to summit my question. The machine that I'm have difficulty with is a windows XP service pack 3 os.

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This started when...

after attempted upgrade


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Can you also please post the link of the Firefox download??

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I can't find the link. I think it was a link to upgrade to firefox 12.

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Was it an automatic upgrade from within the browser or did you download the file? If you downloaded the latest Firefox you can check for the Mozilla Corporation Digital Signatures by right-clicking on it > Properties.

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Try redownloading Firefox from www.getfirefox.com. Firefox shouldn't be causing other browsers to lose their internet connection, it is sounding like you either have a virus, or your security software is acting up

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It was an automatic upgrade.

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As noted by Tylerdowner, Firefox wouldn't affect other programs, or change OS network settings. It could be a coincidence in that there is an issue with Norton AV which occurred around the same time, or there could be other issues. You can try to temporarily disable Norton, restart the PC and check. Please note that in many cases disabling wouldn't be enough, you may have to go beyond that. Please see AV/Firewall pitfalls. If you suspect problems with the Norton installation, the support would also be helpful.

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That was my initial thought, Norton. Although they aren't admitting it.

Thanks for the input!