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How to save customized skin (via Intel graphics) from session to session


Hi-I'm a novice so hopefully there's an easy resolution. I've customized the Firefox theme using Intel HD graphics "color enhancement." Even though the coloring setting are saved via the Intel card, when I start a new Firefox session the theme reverts to the original shadings. I can change back to my customized theme by opening the Intel Control Center but I'd like to avoid that step.

   Is there a way to keep my settings as default without fiddling with css editing which I'm too stupid to do?  Thanks for any thoughts

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What is the result of that customization?

Maybe it can be done via other ways in Firefox via an extension.

Does it show in a screenshot?

Use a compressed image type like PNG or JPG to save the screenshot.

If you need to redo such a customization after every restart of Firefox then it sounds that such a customization isn't sticky or saved for the program to which you apply it, if it doesn't customize the rest of the computer.

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Thanks for responding! It's a trivial issue but with OCD I can spend hour after hour trying to get things as I want them.

   I found Flaminglow as a theme that was a bit unique.  But I wanted the saturation, contrast, etc. altered, which I did with Intel graphics program that was pre-installed.  I can save the color enhancement i.e. "a" scheme, "b", etc. with  Intel.  But when I restart the pc it reverts to the default colors of Flaminglow and I have to go to the Intel program and enter the saved scheme.  I don't want to have to do that each time I turn the PC on.  I've included a screenshot of the homepage and one of the Intel control center.
   I thought that perhaps a session saving add on may work but just don't know.  Make any sense, lol?  Thanks