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Moving Firefox to a new computer


I believe I need to move bookmarks.HTML and signon.SQL for passwords. I can't find the latter to copy it over. Search is empty. So here I m, asking where I can find that file so I can mail it to myself. Thank you

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You need the two files key3.db (encryption key) and signons.sqlite to copy the password to another profile.

Firefox stores the bookmarks and the history in the places.sqlite database file.
Firefox doesn't create a bookmarks.html file with the bookmarks in it, so if you want to use that file then you need to export the bookmarks to an HTML file yourself.

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Thanks. I'm now more confused! I want to move my bookmarks and passwords. The passwords I can manually write down, then enter each on their respective website, if need be. But I know there is an easier solution.

Do I just try to find my profile and email it to the new computer, then place it ...?

I started to read the first link you provided but each item had a link to yet another page. Can you sum it up in a few words, i.e. "copy profile to new machine" etc.

(I am disabled now and have limited computer time. i also type with one finger -- no more 80 wpm -- so the least typing I do, the better it is).

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You can backup the files in the current Firefox Profile Folder that you want to preserve.

You can use this button to go to the Firefox profile folder:

  • Help > Troubleshooting Information > Profile Directory: Open Containing Folder
  • For the bookmarks (and history) you can backup the places.sqlite file.
  • For the passwords you need two files, key3.db (encryption key) and signons.sqlite (encrypted names and passwords).

For more see the above mentioned knowledge base article(s).

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Thank you! Much simpler