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My Incredimail isn't working with the newest Firefox, do I have to re-install an old browser version?


I am using an older version of Incredimail XE, and only today I discovered that it no longer functions. I read somewhere on these forums that a system restore is necessary to get it working again. But I read somewhere else that downgrading may not solve problems. I'm confused. I'm no expert and not keen on the idea of messing around with my computer's innards. But, I do need to access my Incredimail files! Advice, anyone? I need help fast! THANKS

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I downloaded the newest version of Firefox and a few days later tried to open Incredimail

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Windows' System Restore feature focuses on certain critical folders and usually doesn't back up third party applications. Perhaps it works in some cases, but I wouldn't bet on it...

What is the connection between Incredimail XE and Firefox. Are you accessing your mail on the web?

Have you tried Incredimail's support forums? http://forums.incredimail.com/

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What is the connection between Incredimail XE and Firefox. Are you accessing your mail on the web?

Well, no, as far as it being an email client, I quit using IncrediMail (after about ten years!) b/c of hard drive limitations, but I have important folders stored in it that should be easy to access offline. They always were before. I didn't even know there was a prob with the newer versions of Firefox causing IM not to run (even offline). I might have to revert back to another version, as described here -


just to have access to my IM.

And yes, I did try the IM support forum, but they are apparently extremely slow about getting newcomers registered. I've tried 2 email addresses to get my registration but so far, no response! :(  :(  :(

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Try making IE your default browser and see whether that makes any difference in your ability to access Incredimail.

IE > Tools > Internet Options > Programs or
Windows Control Panel > Internet Options > Programs

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I made the switch, easily done...but, Incredimail is still not working so it didn't help! - woe.

I have a dialup connection because before obtaining a good wireless connection I was on rural dialup only. Internet Explorer still only functions on that dialup connection. I'm not real sure how to set it to connect on my wireless. But would that possibly make any difference? ( i doubt it, but no harm asking )