Address bar search is not working

When I type keywords into the address bar, it used to return a list of google search results. Now, it returns "The address isn't valid". I know I can use the search bar to search google, but the ability to search keywords straight from the address bar is my number one favourite feature of Firefox and I want it back.

The problem started after I returned the keyword.URL setting in about:config to default after it was maliciously changed to some Russian search/spam site, which also added a bunch of useless links to my bookmarks bar. This is the second time this has happened, no idea how, but the first time I fixed it the address bar search started working again right away.

I have not installed any new plugins or add-ons recently.

I have checked that keyword.enabled is set to true, and keyword.URL is blank, which are the default settings. Are there any other settings that might have been changed/that I should change to make this work again?

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