posted by Phelan 5 years ago
Adobe Flash Player 11 runs slowly in FF 14

Currently using FF 14 (release channel) with Flash Player 11 (updated today, 7/21/12). Flash objects, such as Facebook games, run slow/choppy to the point where it looks like a collection of tiles updating over the course of a few seconds. I have deleted temp files, compacted databases, uninstalled and reinstalled FF, updated display drivers, ran the flash objects in full-screen mode, and tested the same flash objects in other browsers. Running in full-screen mode alleviates the slowness, but there is a delay when loading content that is normally not noticed when viewing on a normal page; however, the action plays as it should. Viewing the flash content from other browsers, such as IE, allows the content to play fluidly as it should. Flash hardware acceleration (Settings) toggle does not seem to alter performance, and the Global Settings are allowing websites to store sufficient data. Rebooting also does not resolve the issue.

The PC in question is running Win 7 32bit; 2 GB RAM; Dual Core 1.8 GHz processor; ATI Radeon HD 2400 graphics @ 1280x1024 resolution.

Task Manager shows that the Flash Player uses up to 60% of the CPU time, Firefox uses less than 15% at peak, and the plugin container typically runs below 10% when viewing the flash object on a page normally. Full-screen viewing of the flash object can have Flash Player take up to 70% of the CPU time, but playback is fluid.

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