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14.0.1 Freezes

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I have not been able to have Firefox load successfully since yesterday. I have uninstalled and re-installed twice, still no luck, I ran a full virus scan and found no issues.

I have been given no crash IDs because it just freezes for minutes on end and then I force quit. I ran a defrag and freed up space on my computer hoping to fix this problem.

I love Firefox, but right now I am running Chrome becuase it is still working and so is IE so I know it is not a computer issue.

I hope this gets solved soon, I would love to get my Firefox up and running again. I can tell I am not the only person with this issue by looking at the forums.

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Please check if you are able to start Firefox in a new profile.

Profiles Howto

If you have security software (antivirus, firewall) installed, you can try to fully re-trust Firefox + its processes/files in all the configuration areas/modules. Please see this.

AV/Firewalls Configuration

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I will try the memory leak fix firemin, but, frankly, the other recommended fixes seem like a big pain, and so unnecessary, as I have switched to Opera. Problems for me started with Firefox 14.0.1, but on the same day also installed the latest update to Adobe Flash Player. I could spend some time diagnosing, but, as noted above, why bother when there are alternatives that work fine? (Note: my OS is WIndows Vista Ultlimate.)

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Twitter Freezing in Firefox

I upgraded to Firefox 14.0.1 last week and ever since Twitter has been unstable, freezing, crashing, not loading, incredibly slow, reset by peer, unable to open tabs, etc. I have to shut down Firefox and run Ccleaner, but the problem reappears quickly.

Beginning to believe this either a Firefox issue or something is up. I hope Firefox fixes this soon [this kind of issue was the main reason I abandoned IE9]

Checking on the link above:

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I upgraded to the beta 15.01.1. Am not keen on going to betas as I really look for stable software that can be used as a workhorse. However, memory leak issues with a total freeze/lookdown that requires getting to the Task Master and closing Firefox -- these are not present for me with 15.01. (OS is Windows Vista Ultimate.) However, with 14.0.1. and still with 15.0.1, the Add on manager shows Adobe Flash as not being the current version. Re-installing the latest version does not help, will still show as not the latest version. Annoyingly, dynamic charts will not display now in Firefox. Again, not a huge concern, just as annoyance, as I am shifting more and more to Opera, where dynamic content appears and updates as it used to on Firefox. Also, 14.0.1 and beta 15.0.1 will give me a dark blank screen often when switching or opening a new tab; it clears after about 10 seconds; is unacceptable behavior.

I will try out Firefox again after the next update or two, but in the meantime will rely on Opera.
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Try disabling Adobe Flash 10.whatever add-on.

I uninstalled, re-installed, went back to v13, chose a different install folder, all with no results. Disabling the Flash player add-on cleared it up pronto.

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Thank you, thank you, thank you... nothing I did worked. Then I uninstalled the latest adobe flash update thingy and voila... firefox is up and running as if nothing was wrong!

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Just tried everything that I could that was recommended on here for me. Unfortunately Firefox still isn't working. The problem is with a lot of these things, unplugging the add-on and anything I need to be in Firefox to change the settings of I can't get there. When Firefox opens it just freezes. I can't open the Firefox tab to access the tools page so unfortunately I was unable to try those options though I think they may work. I just went to uninstall it again and I notice it say Mozilla Firefox 14.0.1 (x86 en-us). I have know idea what that means. I will be uninstalling it again hoping to try again soon.

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The "Mozilla Firefox 14.0.1" is the program and version number; The x86 indicates that it is designed to run on an Intel/AMD type processor (As opposed to, say, Motorola); The en-us indicates that it will install using US English as its language base. That said, I had the same problem with my installation. Try uninstalling it via the control panel and then reinstall it, possibly to a new folder. Unless you check the bax that says you wish to delete your personal info, all of your bookmarks and such should come back. Once you get Firefox to actually load, disable the Adobe Flash plug-in and see if that doesn't help. My installation is on a 64 bit system, so things may be slightly different. Good luck.

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@kijaquette - Even I couldn't open anything on Firefox. It used to open and freeze before I could click anywhere. I went to Control Panel -> Programs -> Uninstall a program and then sorted by date - the Adobe update was the latest one - dated the same day the problem appeared. I uninstalled that, and then tried running Firefox and it worked fine.

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start button - add remove - sort by date. adobe. exactly as said. removed the first adobe item and firefox is fast again and not crashing continuously.

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Windows 7 Home, Latest FF immediate hangs when I browsed to gmail or facebook and if I tried to delete cookies and history. Uninstalled and will try again in a few months, am going to miss FF and learn I guess to use IE.

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I upgraded to 14.0.1 and could not access you tube, or Blogger. I uninstalled 14, restarted my computer, re installed 13.0 and could at least access you tube.

I still cannot get to load up after the google log on screen. It just says done, but with a blank white screen. I even tried it with my antivirus turned off. Nothing works.

I dunno but this version 14 really stinks.. hope they come out with a better one soon. I hate using IE and will not use chrome.

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my abode update is reader 9.5.2 CPSID _83708 and it says it cannot be removed. so I am going to remove the reader too and see if that does it.

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For Macwildstar: I have been having issues with Firefox 14. My Reader version is 10. So I would recommend you upgrade to that. I have also completely uninstalled my Flash Player. That seems to have gotten rid of so many bugs in Firefox (stalling, freezing, crashing, hanging etc). Though it does mean limited use of video etc. But at least I know where the problem lies.

I had to uninstall my Flash Player independent of Firefox, through Windows uninstall or Revo uninstaller. But it has helped, now Twitter works again.

Hope this helps you out a little.

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I feel you with the life post flash. But honestly if they can't support more open standards than flash for video, i'm not going to lose any sleep over the site.

I don't have adobe reader either, i use nitro pdf. Everything is so much smoother with common browsing experiences and doing something simple like, view a pdf when you click on it, not 7 minutes later.

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I took that to heart, and was about to remove flash player when I decided to first, see if I needed to update anything to do with abode.

I found I had abode acrobat 7.0 professional installed on this system. I haven't used it in months.. I clicked on it and an upgrade started to install.

After resetting the machine, I checked and found out firefox works now, with blogger.

you guys were right - the problem is with abode, and flash player. My suggestion is to make sure ALL abode items on your computer are up to date.

My problem is solved. Thanks.

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Check all your abode programs on your computer, and make sure they are up to date. I did mine and it fixed the problem after one installed an update.

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I have the same problem with 15.0.1. If I browse for any length of time, ff freezes, will respond to nothing and takes forever to close even with tm. I have used firefox for years and it has been my favorite. It has gotten so bad the past few weeks that I have had to start back using IE8 which is running very smoothly for me. I wish I could get my ff back.

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I tried several suggestions to get FF running without freezing/crashing my computer(s). The automatic cache override in the advanced settings (under "Network") didn't help either.

I installed the memory leak fixer firemin that Alan_D mentioned and I have not had any crashes or freezes since (about half a year now). It's not a panacea obviously because there are many system configurations, add-ons, utilities and applications that can affect FF performance. I still have occasional issues with those but at least I have ruled out one problem.

I have no relationship with the creator of the program btw (it's free anyway) - I just wanted to share my experience.