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Roboform toolbar is not appearing in Firefox 13


A former thread (Roboform toolbar is not appearing in Firefox 12) (https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/questions/927649?page=2#answer-345678) was locked THIRTEEN MINUTES after I made a post chastising SiberSystems for not being diligent about finding the solution to THEIR paid for add-on suddenly having problems. No reason was given. I don't know why SiberSystems would have the horsepower to get the thread locked, but my challenge to them remains the same: Find the solution to the problem and stop telling posters to submit trouble support tickets to SiberSystems. We will see if this thread remains up and unlocked and I encourage maximum participation while the SiberSystems public relations trolls are otherwise occupied at home and not finding the solution to this problem.

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The reason for locking was listed on that thread: "see Siber Systems for help with their product."

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Actually, RoboForm and Session Manager are not behaving well together and the result is manifested in FireFox.

My point was entirely accurate that SiberSystems efforts to shuffle people off to their discrete help ticket system was not going to get widespread distribution to people using Google trying to learn of the reason why their FireFox menu bar list is suddenly not even showing RoboForm. See "Session Manager Version History" (https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/session-manager/versions/) and you will see specific detail, detail FireFox users Googling for the problem will now not be able to ask clarifying questions in that now locked thread.

I believe by locking the thread you did a disservice to FireFox users and I hope you will reconsider the decision. I am also curious - Was that a decision made solely at the discretion of an administrator, or did SiberSystems personnel request it to be done?



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I'm not a moderator here, so I can only comment based on what I see in that thread. Having a back-and-forth with a third party vendor distracts from the purpose of this site, which is to provide Firefox support.

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Hi, there. I just wanted to say, I think Roboform has fixed the problem with the toolbar for firefox 13. I was using firefox 10 for the longest, firefox would tell me, like almost every day, that there is an update for the browser. But, I was afraid I would lose my Roboform access. Like, I was having to click on "Add ons", then disable & enable Robofom for my toolbar to show up.

But, today, I was nicely surprised. I decided to upgrade to Roboform 7.7.8, and Firefox 13. And, my toolbar is on my browser, and I am stoked, 'cuz it hasn't disappeared, when I close it!!! I even tried restarting my PC, just to see what would happen, and WALA! My toolbar was there when I opened my browser!!!

So, I'm sorry if any of you are having problems(I don't know if it was fixed since the 2 weeks passed from the time of the first post in this thread), but I'm just trying to let you know, that I think Roboform fixed something. Like I said, I was kind of afraid to upgrade my Firefox, 'cuz I need my Roboform., but I was nicely surprised!!! Haven't had the toolbar fixed on there since Firefox 7, I believe.

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Absurd that I no problem loading and using RoboForm on one of my laptops.I have attempted to load it on this,the PC upon which I write this.......with NO Success at all.Why.Both run Windows 7.