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since upgrade to v. 13 Yahoo mail keeps getting "your session has expired"

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Firefox automatic upgrade to ver. 13 today. now every 15 - 20 minutes my yahoo mail keeps popping up the message "Sorry, your session has expired. To protect your account, you need to confirm you account periodically. This only happens in FF ver. 13, IE & Chrome are fine

Chosen solution

Create a new profile as a test to check if your current profile is causing the problems.

See "Basic Troubleshooting: Make a new profile":

There may be extensions and plugins installed by default in a new profile, so check that in "Tools > Add-ons > Extensions & Plugins" in case there are still problems.

If the new profile works then you can transfer some files from the old profile to that new profile, but be careful not to copy corrupted files.


EDIT: See also this post on page two of this thread:

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Hi jazzwineman, nice avatar. I see, "Symantec Intrusion Protection" is an add-on, probably an extension. Extensions contain a "manifest" file which specifies the earliest and latest version of Firefox on which it should be enabled. By default, Firefox will ignore the latest version and try to run it anyway, but the publisher can specify that the maxversion be strictly adhered to. My guess is that Symantec has done that, to avoid the potential for unforeseen interactions with untested versions. I don't know when a new release will be available, and I don't know whether you can work around it using the Add-on Compatibility Reporter extension.

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So far, nothing suggested in this thread, or on this forum, has fixed this problem. Not sure why it's marked "solved", because it's certainly not solved. I've updated to FF13 four times, and it continues to sign me out of yahoo mail. I don't have time for all these games FF is playing. The reset didn't work, reinstall doesn't work, change of proxy settings did not work, and replacing file prefs.js did not work.

For those of you who want to go back to FF 12, but can't find this download online, I also wanted to go back to 12, therefore I simply used system restore and did away with FF 13, then changed my browser settings to "Notify me of updates, but allow me to choose when to install them". My browser continues to notify me of the 13.0 update, but I'm ignoring it until FF gets this problem fixes. It's ridiculous for FF to use us as lab rats, yet not fix these problems when they do occur.'

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Hi benwood79, the original poster gets to decide whether his or her problem is solved; it is not decided by the forum volunteers/moderators/admins.

I can appreciate your frustration. The only confirmed cause of this problem so far has been proxy settings. (Deleting prefs.js or using Reset changes the proxy settings, among others, so those approaches don't tell us specifically whether there are other causes for this problem.) Obviously there is something else in your case but because this problem is difficult to replicate, we haven't identified it yet.

Unless you opted out, you will get copies of new replies to this thread and hopefully sooner or later one of them will work for you.

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Please can you tell me how I stop it from updating to V13, I have had the mail password issues and gone back to V12 which seems to have worked, but I want to disable upgrades

It is a FF13 issue, IE9 works fine still thanks

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Hi firstpoint, did you try changing the proxy settings?

To change from automatic update to notification, please see this dialog:

Please be advised that for security reasons, you should try to keep as up to date as you can.

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Yes I changed and made no difference as well as deleting cache, deleting cookies, manually deleting cook*.sqlite files, uninstalling and reinstalling version 13, running with no addons in the safe mode, installing version 13 on my other laptop, which had exactly the same issues with Yahoo Mail, the only thing that seems to have worked is uninstalling version 13 and reinstalling version 12 with my existing profiles in place. As a work round I used IE9 (not ideal) which worked fine. I understand about security issues but cannot be entering my password up to every sixty seconds. I worked out how to turn off the auto update thanks

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People are wasting time and to no effect. Everyone should stop all this testing and nonsense, use 12 and when Mozilla can figure out the problem, they will let us know.

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I understand reasons and a stance of not encouraging user testing/experiments if one is responsible for a fleet of computers. Fine, that's your world. However, for my home office network, if I want to troubleshoot by testing out a few settings, then that's what I'll do and I'm sensitive to the issue of security concerns. Such testing doesn't always yield a solution, but sometimes it does pinpoint a solution or related elements. Not a waste of time for me - that's my judgment call I make for me.

One effect is that some of the testing cited in this thread has further clarified that the issue is in the Firefox 13 build, a useful result.

I agree that Mozilla should get on the stick and figure out a solution, and if not, provide an easy way for people to revert back to 12. (e.g., for me, in this instance, system restore isn't the best choice because there's other, non-browser things I've changed system and sofware-wise since going to 13, and I wouldn't want to re-do that stuff).

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Hi FFinCT, system restore wouldn't roll back Firefox because Microsoft doesn't store snapshots of Firefox (except with respect to registry settings). If you need an older version of Firefox temporarily, see this article: Install an older version of Firefox.

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I agree nothing posted as resolved the getting kicked out of yahoo mail, and to play around with aspects of the mozilla browser is really crazy unless you are IT. I have no IT aspirations, moreover, updates should not cause more problems than they solve. The latest update after the one that botched yahoo mail was not a fix- it is clear the two companies do not talk or share information. Fix foxfire and send out the update that really works, as I do not want to try and find a file in foxfire to delete that I have no idea where it is. Lastly, the delete this than that never works.

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Hi lanefree, what's your current status? Did you roll back to Firefox 12 or are you still waiting for a solution for Firefox 13? You tried changing the proxy settings and that didn't help?

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What have you accomplished beyond wasting time- Is it fun to spend hours and not have something work?????????

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Hi jscher2000 - thanks for your helpful input above, appreciated! I've bookmarked the downgrade-related link for future reference if needed.

jazzwineman - the time spent for me was worth it. Changing the proxy setting has so far resolved the issue in my instance.

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And what have you garnered in exact terms from spending this amount of time for problems created by someone else? What, from the way you use your browser, have you gained with 13 over 12?

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Your concern over how I spend my time isn't of continuing interest to me nor worth more of my time to further reply.

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I am not really concerned about how you spend your time, however your inability to answer a simple questions tells me that I am right. However there are other who will screw up their computers and gain nothing and not wait until Firefox finds a fix.

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Hi jazzwineman, could you please stop harassing other users? This is a support forum. Let's not let the soapboxing drift into abuse.

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Listen my young friend. I am not abusing anyone. I am asking a simple question to clarify something for others. Many people are just indoctrinated with the idea that it's newer so it has to be better. Clearly not the case here. It may be fun for some to work and take up time playing on their computers, but the vast majority of users have an extremely low level of knowledge and they end up without use of their computer at all. I am a minimalist and if it does not work, when everything else is fine, why play with it until it does? If this was the medical field , the patient would have already died. Disagreements are not abusive. Questions about what they gained for the effort are not abusive. I am not sure what you actually do, but I spend more than 60 hours a week straightening out problems, albeit in a different area of security, infrastructure and application programming and it is not fun for the end user at any level not to have use of their computer. If that is abusive, then we have topicality issues.

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Early this evening, jazzwineman pursued what I view as harassment by sending me an unsolicited badgering private message using the forum's messaging feature.

If possible, can a forum moderator address this issue with this member? Thanks.

In the meanwhile, I have blocked my email/private messaging to help prevent this type of community forum abuse.

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The proxy settings trick seems to have worked for me. Setting it back to automatic results in a "session has expired" after some time, although I haven't done any real scientific tests or anything.

Just to add to the debate, I guess I wouldn't have stuck with Firefox 13 if I didn't find a solution to the Yahoo mail problem that didn't involve recreating my profile. I do appreciate the security updates and "java garbage collection," though.

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