Need to automate export/import or backup bookmarks for an organzation

I work in IT for a medium-sized organization (enterprise). I need a way of exporting and exporting bookmarks for all of my users, and I need to to it in a way that is automated or CLI (babysitting 100+ laptops and importing in person is not an option). We're transferring users to new laptops in three weeks, but we will need this functionality to exist afterwards too (so we can build something to automate bookmark backups and restorations with our internal network). We do use Zenworks at work, but we'll have other scripting options too.

Any link I've found on command-line options for running Firefox with other tools doesn't allow me to quite do what I need to (i.e. I have a way of exporting to an html, but not importing it; -migration switch gives me a GUI). Any resources I've found on Firefox's command line arguments are inconsistent and not clear on what options work with what version. As such, I don't even know if options exist that would actually help.

Due to security issues, running a plugin or storing bookmarks off-site are not options.

I found the existence of profiles.ini and was able to write a script (windows cmd bat - God help me) to pull out what directory gets created for the profile, and then copy files to the user's network drive. I also wrote one to copy one from the user's network drive to their new profile. The problem I'm encountering at this point is that firefox doesn't use the newest bookmark-<date>.json file that gets slapped in the directory. Something else must be referencing what bookmark filename to use. Hoping it's something in the registry or in a plain text file, not a sqllite db, otherwise I'm kind of hosed.

I guess my question is this... is there not a simpler way of doing this, or a (firefox) command line option to do what I need?

In lieu of that, anyone have an idea of how I can tell firefox to use a specific bookmark file to start off with, or the most recent one in the profile directory? Again, it needs to be hands-off. We're not talking about a solution for one person.

And thirdly, if there is no answer to my first question, my question to Firefox developers is "why is this basic feature omitted"? In my opinion, it's obvious and serious enough I would be willing to call it a bug. Many others are having the same problem. (If I don't get a workable solution to the first two questions, I'll follow up with this one in a more appropriate forum or email...)

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