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Firefox suddenly crashing at specific websites (eg, media sites)


On May 23, 2012, Firefox suddenly began crashing whenever I would click on any link at various websites -- especially the Globe & Mail (www.theglobeandmail.com/), but also some Firefox Help pages, the Java.com download page, etc, etc. I've subsequently done all of the following but the problem persists:

  1. did a spyware scan using an up-to-date Spybot Search & Destroy
    -- it found no items at all.
  2. Updated and installed Firefox 12
  3. Opened FF12 in Safe Mode
  4. Manually disabled all Plug-ins
  5. Downloaded and installed the newest Java, and removed the previous version of Java from my system
  6. did an online virus scan with Bit Defender:
    1. at first, it said that my system has a Trojan "Heure something something. . . "
    2. . Bit Defender offered a trial version of its anti-virus software, but, my browser crashed right after this
    3. -- I had to re-run the online scan again, and - this time - it said that it found NO viruses or trojans on my system!

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Crash ID



  • User Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 5.1; rv:12.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/12.0

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Can you help, please? I don't want to give up Firefox!

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The crash signature has previously been thought yo be related to malware. As you have already possibly found malware i would suggest you do further checks using multiple fully updated tools

There is a possibility that you have malware and have not got rid of it fully. Try the suggested tools in the linked answer and post back with how you get on. The crash signature is currently a topcrash in Firefox 12, so it will be receiving developer attention.

Also post back with another couple of very recent crash signatures, lets see if they are the same or do they vary.

For cross referencing purposes

  • Link to Crash Report for CrashID 31f34004-41f7-4a0b-bd7d-5099d2120524
    • Crash Signature: RtlpWorkerCallout | RtlpExecuteWorkerRequest | RtlpApcCallout | RtlpExecuteWorkerRequest | BaseThreadStart
    • related bug Bug 599354 - crash under Windows XP in BaseThreadStart @ RtlpWorkerCallout (malware-related?)
      This bug report is old but active
    • related thread (old and unsolved) /questions/806695

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Thanks, John99. Things seem to be pointing in that direction, so thanks for the /questions/914980#answer-302372 link -- it will help!

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Hi, John99;

Here are a few newer crash signatures:

1) RtlpWorkerCallout | RtlpExecuteWorkerRequest | RtlpApcCallout | RtlpExecuteWorkerRequest | BaseThreadStart

"UUID" is: 28fe1759-6ed5-45d2-b63a-a11452120525

2) RtlpWorkerCallout | RtlpExecuteWorkerRequest | RtlpApcCallout | RtlpExecuteWorkerRequest | BaseThreadStart

UUID: 992095ff-5b69-43d5-9a01-4f36f2120525

Since writing in, earlier, I've discovered that all my browsers -- except Chrome19, that is -- are crashing in similar ways. That is: FF12, IE8, and Opera 9.64.

I've also discovered that my Windows Firewall is disabled, and isn't able to re-load. I've researched the error messages I get when trying to enable it, and performed Microsoft instructions on how to repair the registry so that Firewall can work -- but all those operations failed, when I tried them. One online forum on this issue reported that the culprit is malware called tdss, and said that a free Kaspersky rootkiller download -- http://support.kaspersky.com/downloads/utils/tdsskiller.zip -- has solved the problem for a number of folks over the past few years.

I've also experienced my browser suddenly being redirected to many 'nonsense' URLs (none of them led anywhere) when I tried to download Malwarebytes from CNET, so this is one determined piece of malware I'm dealing with.

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Helpful Reply

Those two crash report are from Firefox 10.0.2.

Did you install or start an old Firefox 10.0.2 version because you previously posted with Firefox 12?

You may need to ask for help on a malware oriented forum if you can't download or run malware scanners.


There are also online scanners that you can try:

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Hi, cor-el;

>"Those two crash report are from Firefox 10.0.2."

Hmm. . . strange, because I switched to FF12 prior to posting here, and so, at the very least, those two crash reports, which I took late on the afternoon of May 24. should have emanated from 12, not 10 -- unless the report list is given in chronologically reverse order. So, to answer your question, I'm still using 12.

>You may need to ask for help on a malware oriented forum if you can't download or run malware scanners

On a tip, I downloaded Chrome, and have found that it is - so far - NOT crashing at all, so I have been able to perform online scans and download anti-malware (and answer replies on this forum). Thanks for the list of online scanners, cor-el. I will try a number of new scans later on today.