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where's the setting to change all my sites to full view?


i used to have a button in settings where i would not see any sites in mobile view. i want that again

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Every time Firefox opened


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If you install the Phony add-on, you can set it to show the desktop view of sites (the User Agent item will show up in the Preferences screen).

To install it, or check to see if it is already installed, swipe left and tap the gear button to open Preferences. Then tap the puzzle-piece tab at the top to go to your add-ons. On the add-ons screen you will see if Phony is installed (you might disable it and then enable it again if so). Otherwise, search for Phony on this screen and tap the Add to Firefox button to install it.

After it is installed, tap the Preferences tab in the upper left and you'll see the User Agent item where you can select Desktop Firefox as the default.

Thanks, Michelle