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Getting annoyed with "Your Firefox Browser is out of date" notification that hijacks the browser page everytime I open Firefox. If I wanted to update I would!

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Getting annoyed with "Your Firefox Browser is out of date" notification that hijacks the browser page every time I open Firefox. If I wanted to update I would! I do not want to update. I want to remain on the version I have so HOW DO I STOP the annoying notification alert every time I open a browser window which I have been selecting. "No thanks, I will risk it". I do not want this box popping up anymore. It seems like a bullying form of forcing something on someone.


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Hi HawkMike...... your solution for now seems to have done the trick and got rid of that annoying forceful drop down box every time I opened a new Firefox browser window.

I had to enter and edit it twice under Tools-Options- General- Homepage Box: as Craigslist kept coming up as the forst screen since I was in Craigslist last. So I deleted the string back to just :

Problem relieved. Thanks HawkMike.

@ Tyler... I do understand what you are saying but for now ... I have been on this version for 2 years or so and maybe I am playing Russian Roulette but I hate being pushed into a format I end up not liking and if the instructions above are as easy as you say and often they are not.... than if that does not do the trick, it's not like I can get back to 3.6.6 again. I tried to do that on my home computer to no success. It still had all the fragments of the new version even though I assumed I reloaded the old back on again.

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Yes...all I want is Mozilla to stop bitching at me to update, there are 9 more versions of Mozilla in the past couple of years...I don't CARE. All updating gives me is a new GUI, I haven't had the rare bugs or crashes, and I'm a CS major, so on the off chance that I actually am retarded and click on a bad link and get infected with a virus...I can FIX it.


There is no option to tell firefox to stop bothering me about an update I don't need, and that's why I posted in this thread.

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I must admit, I was also quite hesitant to upgrade from 3.6 after seeing the changes in version 4. Today however I decided to take the plunge, and i'm quite pleased with what I see in version 12.

The layout is essentially identical to my 3.6 - every button and toolbar is exactly where it should be, so that I don't forsee any myself having to do any customization to get things the way I want. All of my add-ons installed seamlessly as well, making the entire process smooth and quick.

Nice job, guys!

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Hey, if you are still running 3.6 leave it on your computer and then DL 4.0 and just follow the instructions to install it and when it ask you to upgrade just do it and when you go back to your desktop click on firefox and it should be back again without the update, hope it works for you as it did for me.

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I agree- This download update thing keeps popping up!...and I tried to download on my Mac.numerous times....and it wont open or download correctly... Its all F........annoying... Also,no Tech support at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! new opinion ...SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!! Big time.

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Stop harassing me with stupid pop ups! It's one thing there was the upgrade text that was there for years, I would have clicked it years ago if I wanted to. I liked this start page because of even Google would put a stupid pop up of it's own to download Chrome, and the other little bugs they won't fix. People shouldn't be telling me what software to use. If I want to use an old version, so be it. I don't even know if the "security" clause is even valid since there are probably so many Firefox versions out there, but most are probably using the latest, so the attackers wouldn't be going after a specific older version...

Here are the retards that enacted this.

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I don't even know if the "security" clause is even valid since there are probably so many Firefox versions out there, but most are probably using the latest, so the attackers wouldn't be going after a specific older version...

The crime syndicates intent on stealing all our credit cards and passwords and taking over our computers to generate their spam are delighted to hear you say that. They've got nothing but money and time to find every possible way to get fake security/diagnostic software and other scams onto every computer on the planet. You can make an informed decision to run a risk based on your other layers of security, but please don't pretend it isn't a real problem.

For every person who complained in this thread, there probably are a dozen others who finally upgraded. Yes, you have to take an extra step to stop the notices if you can't bear the thought of upgrading, but I think it's better that you take an extra step than Mozilla leaves the other dozen people ignorant of the importance of upgrading.

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@jscher2000 Very typical self-centered individual. I say something that he doesn't like, and he takes it upon himself to make incorrect assumptions and then thow insults about it. Fact of the matter is, there are perfectly valid reasons for not upgrading, but not out of ignorance as you've ignorantly purported. I hate to bust your bubble, but the security clause is more of a scare tatic than anything else. I know the problem is a big one, but it's not as big as you think, not like affected websites going after a specific older browser version are as common as dirt. I'm not about to let someone or something to dictate what software I use, I am out of that loop. They've had to mess with the start page (got to keep it on topic), having the one line of text was one thing, but to put a pop up that covers the screen on every start page load has gone too far. An obvious solution is to use a different start page, but the point of this thread is about the messing with the start page. We liked the start page because it was elegantly simple. Now if you don't like that, go ahead and throw more insults, I'm not counting on you seeing that not everybody operates the way you do.

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hhdhkjjkffjkdjkdsjkfkjf, let's keep this level here, no need to throw any insults. I'm pretty close to locking this thread, as i just is turning into a bunch of arguing and insults. There is no need for words like "Here are the retards that enacted this." "Very typical self-centered individual" and other things that have been said.

The fact is, there are serious security holes in older versions of Firefox. I don't care if it is Firefox 2, Firefox 3.6.6, firefox 3.6.28 or firefox 11. Firefox 12 is the only version with all the most recent security fixes. and the way people exploit these holes isn't like "Let's attack firefox 3.6.6 and that version only". These holes are also in all older version , so for example, if they attack a hole that is fixed in Firefox 12, all version of Firefox, from 10 on down, are open to it. It is only the most recent that is secure.

You can choose not to upgrade, it is your choice. Mozilla doesn't make money if you upgrade, mozilla doesn't have an agenda when you upgrade, except to make the web better. If you don't like the User Interface, then change it! Here is a user that did exactly that:

Maybe security isn't a big deal to you. I know to me, I'd rather have every card in my favor when I can, so not only do I have anti-virus and a firewall, I also keep windows up to date, and Firefox (and plugins and everything else). I know security is an ongoing battle, and so I figure, "hey, it's one less way that people can exploit my computer, so let's do it". If there is a user interface change I don't like (and there have been), I either customize, or install and add-on to make Firefox how I like it. That is the beautiful thing about Firefox, you can make changes.

As jscher2000 said above, for every person who didn't update, there have been dozens that are. These people are wanting to stay safe. there is no agenda except making the web better. If you want to stay with a 2010 web experience, it's your choice.

If the insults don't stop, I will lock this thread, not to censor, but because mozilla's volunteer community does not deserve to be insulted. So let's keep it positive people, and remember we are all on the same team, you want to surf the web, we want to help you :)

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@Tylerdowner I welcome constructive posts like yours, even though you don't necessarily agree with me on all points, that's fine. You're constructive is what counts. It's when people like @jscher2000 take it upon themselves to reply as if my posts, insults included, are directed at him, when they are not. As for 'If you want to stay with a 2010 web experience, it's your choice.', it doesn't look like that, since Firefox has good site compatibility so that the incentive to upgrade is further reduced. ;) Let's just say that doing the pop up thing made me (and the other complainers) angry, and we firmly let you know about it that we don't like it. In firmly, I mean that it was such a bad decision to not be able to disable that pop up. There are probably tons of older versions of Firefox out there in the wild since we are up to v. 12 now? I'm sure if people wanted to really upgrade, they would have. 'we want to help you' Are you listening? The point is: So we don't want to upgrade, can you stop putting nagging pop ups all other

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What I mean by a 2010 website experience is that all the new features (many times faster Javascript, the new HTML5 web standards support, hardware acceleration, Vastly improved spell checking, retained layers rendering system, tons of new CSS improvements and new features, improved memory usage, and on and on) aren't avialable to you. If you compare the release notes from 4 to 11, there are tens of thousands of improvements. Yes, some changes certain users may not like (specifically the UI). But these changes are easily customized (it is so easy to change the UI to 3.6 style) I had a user last week running firefox 3.5. We updated her to 12, and I had to do 3 simply things to make her UI look like 3.6.

1. Tabs on Bottom 2. Menu Bar 3. Installed a Persona to make the colors the same as Firefox 3.6

It was very close, and with a bit more time you could make it 100% the same as Firefox 3.6

I understand that the update prompt makes some people annoyed, but really, I feel that the hassle of updating is well worth the benefits. Obviously some people will not feel that way, but most people should upgrade.

The Mozilla team decided to change the start page to tell those users who don't even know what a Version is that they are insecure and need to update. you must remember that while you may be more advanced than some users, the majority of users aren't.

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Google chrome is a browser for inexperienced computer users. It does everything in the background whether you like it or not. Firefox notifies you of EVERYTHING and affords the most advantage which is why I use it.  :P

Maybe going the tactic of expecting I'm an idiot wasn't their best move then...haha :P

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Metalsand, the awesome thing is, you can always tell firefox not to update automatically. it isn't necessarily the wisest decision, but it is possible.

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That, along with not collecting my user information without letting me know and giving a measly one page of settings to tweak are the reasons why I use Firefox over I don't know why they keep on trying to make it more like Chrome...  :/

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Hi hhdhkjjkffjkdjkdsjkfkjf, bear in mind that a lot of people read and rely on these forums without ever posting, so I sometimes feel it is necessary to respond to mistaken comments about browser security. It wasn't meant to be a personal attack -- it's not about you, it's about the information you posted -- but I got the tone wrong. I apologize for that, and I'll try to do better next time.

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@Tylerdowner Can you have the pop up be disabled by something say a cookie? (using Google's Chrome pop up in the upper right as an example - is remembered by a cookie) aka dismiss it and it doesn't come back? In that yes, I'm a more advanced user so I don't worry about security as much as some people do. Quite honestly, if I have to reformat, it isn't the end of the world. (of course a virus is one thing, using as an example) I have not had a virus, exploit, or phished since DOS/Windows 3.1 - in which I didn't know better and I was running executables from the web and email without checking them. Lesson learned. It is always possible that even through if I used the latest software, a new exploit may exist and be known by the criminals, but not yet known to the software developer. I've always felt it was a never ending cat and mouse game and that reformatting isn't the end of the world. I guess this stems from having to re-install software seemingly constantly and being annoyed with it vs MS's old patch based system. Back in the IE days, you bet I had an up to date copy of IE, it was easy and not so annoying. But there are other things like OS, embedded, and other constraints where it's not possible to upgrade due to dropping support for the OS, etc. on my other systems.

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@jscher2000 I hear you. Apology accepted.  :)

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my browser (3.6) just informed me that this is the last time i will be asked if i want to update before i am forced to

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I think the arguments for and against remaining secure and using the latest version of Firefox have been exhausted by now, and I'm glad the tone is back to a respectful and friendly one. :)

Others have already summarized well the actions users may or may not take to stop the notifications that you're not on a secure version of Firefox -- it's ultimately up to you what to do with that.

User interfaces and old habits aside, there are lots of good stuff under the hood of each release that enables us to do cool things on the web that weren't possible in 2010. is a great place to find out what's actually possible for web developers to do on a truly modern web. So, Mozilla obviously wants you to use the latest version as that gives us more leverage in our fight for a more open and modern web. But it's your choice in the end.

I'm locking this thread since there's simply nothing more to say here.

Cheers, David Tenser Director of User Support

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