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How do differentiate standard vs ESR firefox in management tools


I'm part of an enterprise considering using Firefox ESR, but which may also continue to have some installations of non-ESR firefox. Is there a way to quickly and reliably identify whether a user is using regular or ESR firefox when viewing network/surfing activity in various management and/or security tools?

The user agent string doesn't seem to be of help, since both esr and non-esr firefox may show up as 10.x (or 17.x or 24.x in future releases).

Thank you!

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The ESR version is currently 10.0.3 and shows as such in the user agent.
There is no regular release of Firefox 10 with a version number of 3 and above (10.0.2 was the last Firefox 10 release), so that should be enough to differentiate for now.
There is no other way to see if the ESR version is used AFAIK.

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So if the user has standard Firefox 10.0/ 10.0.1/10.0.2 installed and we run the Firefox ESR installer 10.0.5 we might update standard to ESR? Or, vice versa, if we have ESR 10.0.5 installed we might update it to standard 13.0.1? Not good at all. There should be a way to differentiate standard and ESR in the registry.