posted by Graham 6 years ago
How do I re-enable a blocked Java Plugin?

First, let me explain. I work in a support role for a company that utilizes certain element management systems to monitor and troubleshoot network faults. Due to our company's security and application support policies we are forced to use a dated version of Firefox and Java to access the EMS's webserver.

The problem: With the recent update to Mozilla's blocking policies the Java version we utilize is being blocked and access to the site no longer functions properly. We need some method of workaround that will enable us to circumvent the block.

Disclaimers ahoy: we actively and willingly acknowledge the risks that are inherent in actions such as I request. I would ask that discussion pertains to the topic as we need an immediate workaround to access our tool and a long-term -safe- solution will be cooked up with the help of our company's processes.

I am happy to provide any details that may be needed.

Thanks! EDIT: I resolved the issue myself: see reply below.

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