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Last two characters are cut out when entering data in a text form


Whenever I try leaving a comment on a page, it always cuts out the last two characters, and replaces them with "Pr". This happens across multiple browsers, (Chrome, FF, and Camino), but not Safari.

In addition, if a '<' character was put in, it'll cut out the last two characters in its code, and replace them with Pr again, leaving %Pr.

This happens on a mac (I'm posting for my friend who I talk to all the time).

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Chris Ilias
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If it happens with other browsers, it sounds like a Leopard problem. Maybe a language setting? Keyboard setting? Try asking at https://discussions.apple.com/

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We did end up checking keyboard related settings in her Mac Preferences, but there wasn't anything related. I will end up trying Apple's forums if no one here can help. Anyways the "Pr" I believe might've come from the source code, as there is "editProfile" in the page. I don't really do web development, so I'd have no idea here. This is the page's source from around that area btw (I had to convert them to all HTML character codes because it kept parsing it):

<div class="clFloat"></div></div></div><div class="horizLine"><hr/></div><div class="dataSection"><a class="rt" id="addcmtlnk" href="javascript:void(0);">Add Comment</a><label>Comments</label><div id="postcmt" class="dataFrameHLFB hidden"><div class="userEntry"><div class="editProfile"><form ajaxify="1" action="http://www.onverse.com/profile/ajax/comments/add.php" method="POST"><input name="toid" type="hidden" value="70981" /><table class="frame" cellspacing="0"><tr><td class="imageCell"><div class="smallImgFrame"><a href="http://www.onverse.com/profile/profile.php?id=5414"><img src="http://photos.onverse.com/photo.php?size=2&amp;profile=5414" alt="Pluto is a Planet" title="Pluto is a Planet" /></a></div></td><td class="commentCell"><p><a class="user" href="http://www.onverse.com/profile/profile.php?id=5414">Pluto is a Planet</a></p><div class="editFrame"><textarea name="text"></textarea></div><div class="submit"><INPUT type="submit" value="Post Comment" /></div></td></tr></table></form></div></div></div><div id="moreDropGroup_ldt" class="hidden"><img src="http://staticdata.ovstatic.com/img/bar_loading.gif" alt=""/></div><div id="moreDropGroup"><script type="text/javascript">

And this is what it looked like to me: http://img442.imageshack.us/img442/5656/97668645.png

Thanks for your reply, I appreciate it!