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Profile manager won't open up


This is going to be a long post so please bear with me. Using ff3.6.28 on xp. Have 3 profiles. I use 2 of them daily. Awhile back i read an article on how to install another version of ff while still using an old one. I did it & tried ff9 awhile back, but didn't like it. I decided to try ff11 yesterday. Installed it with no problems, all my bookmarks, settings were automatically on it without having to use my mozbackup profile. I didn't create a new profile though. One site doesn't work on it nor do certain themes/personas. So for now, i decided to delete ff11. Eventually i'll use it permanently i know when i have time to find new personas/themes. I deleted the ff11 folder in program files. I have "firefox -p" along with a couple of other "run" commands i use. I tried to open the p-manager after the deletion, & it wouldn't open. I get an error msg saying it can't find it. Luckily i still have my main ff profile left. I'd like to recreate the other 2 profiles i had but can't since i can't bring up the p-manager. The other 2 profiles are still in my "%appdat% mozilla profiles" file.I searched the articles on this site but still can't come up with an answer on how to open up the p-manager. In hindsight i should've opened the p-manager & went into the profiles & deleted it there before deleting the ff11 folder. I didn't have this problem after i deleted ff9 awhile back. Again, sorry for the long post. THANX for your time/help anyone.

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Every time Firefox opened

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after i deleted firefox 11 folder

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  • Npdsplay dll
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xp, sp3

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Try to use the full path to the Firefox program and be sure to have a space before the -P switch.

"C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe" -P

(the quotes are required because of the embeded spaces in the file path)

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THANX for the reply cor-el. I've never had a problem using just "firefox -p", but i did use the full path like you advised after i read the profile manager article here before i posted my question. Unfortunately it didn't work. I've backed up all 3 profiles from the "%appdata% profile" file, and also from my remaining main profile that i'm on right now. I decided i'm going to uninstall ff3.6.28 & upgrade to "firefox 11" this weekend and hopefully create the other 2 profiles along with my main one. I do like in the newer versions of FF the tabs on top like googles chrome because it gives you more room on the page. I also like some other features too, but the main reason i kept my old version both times is because the newer versions didn't seem to load pages any faster than version 3.6.28. I'm not going to worry about some themes/personas not being compatible with ff11. I'll find some new ones. I think when i tried "ff9" awhile back along with my current version, i just deleted the shortcut that the article said to create on the desktop and still had all 3 profiles & no problems like i have now. In case your curious, the article on how to create more than one version of firefox at the same time was on the site "Dottech.org>[How To] Tip: Install multiple versions of Firefox to test before upgrading to latest release". It works but i obviously did something different this time that caused this problem. THANX again for your time/help, i do appreciate it.

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