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I NEED Firefox 3.6.25 for my MacBook Pro. The ftp site is gone. How can I get it? I can't upgrade because of my processor.


The night that Firefox apparently stopped distributing Firefox for Mac 3.6.25, I had a computer crash that corrupted my copy of 3.6.25. I tried to go to the FTP site to get another copy to reload (using Safari) and the FTP site is apparently gone and Firefox will not let me download that version of Firefox. I'm limping along on Safari and can't update even my corrupted version of 3.6.25 because my processor won't support further updates. I NEED 3.6.25! Is there anyplace that I can get it? What can I do? My corrupted version of Firefox 3.6.25 doesn't work correctly. It opens improperly and doesn't work when it does open.

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Every time Firefox opened

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The night of March 7-8

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Haven't a clue

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You can try the latest in the 3.6 series which is still supported.

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Thanks for the answer. I'm reluctant to try the page you noted because the oldest version of 3.6 that they have there is 3.6.27. I'm running 3.6.25 and when I tried the update to 3.6.26, it wouldn't run on my machine so I had to go back and re-download and re-install 3.6.25. That SEEMS to be the highest version of 3.6 that will run on my Mac. If you think that the "older Mac" 'current' 3.6.27 will run, I'd be willing to try it but if it doesn't then I don't have anything I can run because it will overwrite what I have now. My processor is an Intel Core Duo that runs at 2GHz and I'm told that is an odd build that has limitations. (This info is from the Mac service facility here). Will 3.6.27 - as available from Mozilla - run on my machine?

Thanks for your information.

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Couldn't find the system requirements for 3.6 series. Users and contributors here having similar configuration would be able to give a definite answer.

Please also see this.


Please note that creating a new profile to try it would be safer. This would help to prevent corruption of the current profile. Firefox stores the personal profile data separate from its files. You can also take a backup of the personal files.

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My brother is an apple developer and one of his machines is running 10.4.11 and 3.6.27 runs just fine.


He suggests uninstalling your 3.6.25 and then install 3.6.27. Your profile should not be affected but make a backup first of course.