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i have to re-install adobe flash for firefox every time i start my computer even if firefox shows that my adobe flash is working it does not.I also get notices from the websites i visit (get flash e.t.c.)


i have the latest firefox 10.02 in win7 and even if firefox shows is installed my adobe flash is not working so i have to run the flash installer every time i start my pc.After this everything works fine until the next start when i have to run the flashinstaller again

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Installed Plug-ins

  • Shockwave Flash 11.1 r102
  • Google Update
  • Adobe PDF Plug-In For Firefox and Netscape 10.1.2
  • 5.0.61118.0
  • GEPlugin
  • NVIDIA 3D Vision Streaming plugin for Mozilla browsers
  • NVIDIA 3D Vision plugin for Mozilla browsers
  • Version 0.9.18, Copyright 2006-2009 Veetle Inchttp://www.veetle.com/
  • Version 1.1.11, copyright 1996-2011 The VideoLAN Teamhttp://www.videolan.org/
  • Version 0.9.18, copyright 2006-2010 Veetle Inchttp://www.veetle.com/


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Have you check in Tools > Add-ons > Plugins. Also download and install Adobe Flash Player from adobe site not from any other site. Check the current version of Adobe flash player from adobe site. Make sure you have latest plugins for Mozilla Firefox to work properly. Also you can check plugin from https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/plugincheck/

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I always check my plugins and they are all up to date.the problem is that even before the adobe flash re-installation adobe plugin is also up to date but it is still not working and i keep getting notices from websites "get adobe flash player" etc.My adobe flash is downloaded from adobe site

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Do you get such notices from websites that are legitimate? If Yes then check Control Panel > Flash Player > Advanced > Updates You should see Plugin version. See the pic below..

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first of all i have to thank you jessusstring for trying to help us.The websites are legitimate and my plugin version is the latest as in the picture.IE works fine with the latest activex version and needs no re-installation it seems that firefox "forgets" to use flash even if it shows updated and working.I keep running the latest installer of adobe flash to have my firefox browsing and everything works fine until i turn off my pc and the story goes on the same way as before.

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There are two versions of the Flash Player plugin. One is ActiveX and only works in IE. It sounds like you have that one installed. The other one works in all other browsers.

What seems to be happening is that you have security software that's blocking one of those versions of Flash/restoring your computer state and so it gets uninstalled when you start your computer. The other possibility is that there are permission issues. Unfortunately, this isn't something that Firefox can control; it's a problem with the Flash installation (Firefox is dumb and just looks in the registry for a list of installed plugins to load).

Make sure that you're an admin on your computer when you try to install Flash and that you check your security settings. If that doesn't work, try posting to the Adobe community forums to see if other people have had similar issues and know how to address them.

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Does the Flash player work on the Adobe test page?

Your system details list shows "Shockwave Flash 11.1 r102"

You may need to install a 32 bit Flash player if you currently only have a 64 bit version.

You can find the 32 bit version of the Flash Player installer for a 32 bit Firefox version here (scroll down to Flash Player (32 bit)):

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Cww thank you for trying to help.I have Vipre installed and adobe 10 worked fine problems started after updating to adobe 11.I have tried to check adobe after shutting down -disabling Vipre antivirus but nothing changed i also checked Vipre settings and found nothing blocking adobe flash.I went back to adobe 10 and needed re-installation just like adobe 11.Surely i'm an admin on my computer.Adobe flash/shockwave flash seem to be installed and up to date after checking 1.control panel 2.firefox plugins 3.adobe.com but not working unless i run the installer after starting up. cor-el thank you too.I have tried everything in 32bit (adobe 10/11) and in 64bit but nothing changed

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i probably need help from adobe site.thanx