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Firefox 10.0.2 crashes continuously on startup

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So, Firefox has been crashing about a second or two after I start it up, every single time. I tried opening it in safe mode and it still crashes. I tried uninstalling and installing an older version, but it still crashes.

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An ordinary re-install does not always solve problems with crashes. Presumably you have already found the article Troubleshoot Firefox crashes (closing or quitting unexpectedly)

The info you posted 1329858589 will not be a full Firefox Crash ID.

This is a typical Crash ID (copied from another unrelated thread as an example)
The bp- indicates it is a crash that did submit to Firefox's BreakPad
What you see may include a separate additional date stamp,
The trailing 120219 in fact is date information in yymmdd format = 12th Feb 2012

Would you mind trying again and going to about:crashes to see if you are able to find a couple of recent Crash ID s They do make it a lot easier to suggest possible remedies.

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Thank you very much for the help. However, I now have another problem... It seems Firefox has disappeared from the Application Support folder on my computer. I thought maybe something went wrong the last time I checked it, so I reinstalled firefox again, and it still isn't there. There's a Mozilla folder, but it only contains an "Extensions" folder and this thing with an icon I've never seen before called, "pkcs11.shlb". The crashes are still happening, by the way, so I'm guessing I have to try and solve this problem before I can resolve the crashes?

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You can still provide CrashIDs if they are recent, they may help.

A sregards Mac specific problems, I am better leaving them to someone else to answer.

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Here is my about:crash report

Please help. I did an uninstall and reinstalled but that was no help.

more options This link exactly describes my problem only my problem started when I upgraded to 10.0.2. I did not have this problem before the upgrade.

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Hi wbliss,

It is probably better to start your own thread by asking a new question. We can always add a cross link so that anyone reading one thread may easily find the other.

I think from a quick report of the quoted bug report that the issue in that case was resolved when Firefox's Diagnose Firefox issues using Troubleshoot Mode was used, have you tried starting in safe mode yet ?

Have you checked and updated your video drivers ?

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Did you get Firefox working again, and did you look for the crash reports, or get new ones if it is re-installed and working again bit still crashing.

As I said I do not use Mac s but the clean re-instal procedure is explained in this article,just make sure you are reading the Mac specific version:
(if necessary click on the selector + button if for instance you are using a Windows machine or another browser)

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Thanks John for your time. You are a good man. I did update my video drivers for my Radeon 6850 vid card. I still have the problem. I really do not want to have to use safe mode to solve this problem. I much prefer fixing the problem properly and having full function. Since I am a bran spanking new member I have not figured out how to start my own thread yet but I will explore that possibility.

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I do not have the problem in safe mode. I also do not have the problem if I turn hardware acceleration off. I did not have this problem until I upgraded to 10.0.2. I have made sure I have the most up to day Catalyst driver. I really do not want to run without using my expensive Radeon 6850 video card doing the job for me. I hope there is help for me so I can continue to use Firefox.

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It is simple to start your own thread you ask a question by following the links and prompts from /questions/new

There are two advantages with doing that

  1. threads are easier to follow if a single person asks a single question
  2. it has the ability to show additional data as system information that makes it easier to understand what the problem may be.
  • if you do start a new thread say so in this one, so that I & others may look for the question

Diagnose Firefox issues using Troubleshoot Mode is usually used as a troubleshooting method rather than a permanent way of operating Firefox. Problems with video cards and video drivers are probably more commonly due to the use of old ones rather than problems with new ones.

I do not have any specialist knowledge regarding compatibility of a Radeon 6850 video card with Firefox but it is worth starting a thread and including that in the title to see if someone has answers.

Certainly Firefox should not crash due to a particular Video Card being in use (although maybe it is Flash Player causing the crash). Have you tried Firefox with and without FlashPlayer being enabled.

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Thank you John. You are so very helpful and I know you are donating your time for this cause. I will start a new thread. I hope others who have this problem will benefit as well. I can't believe I am the only person having this problem.

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Thanks a lot for your help, John. I was busy with Midterms, so I wasn't able to reply sooner, but I actually just switched to Safari for a while until today and when I started up Firefox it just didn't crash. I'm not sure what happened or why, but thanks for your helpfulness anyway and I hope the other guy in this threat figures out the problem.

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Apparently Mozilla Firefox does not care to fix the incompatibility with AMD 6 core Thuban CPU's and Windows XP 32 bit. All other browsers run just fine on my system. So I have not used Firefox at all. After reading a lot of blogs these incompatibility issues seem to be common. I hope they see the light and work harder at being compatible in the future. Untill then I will use other browsers.

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I suggest you start your own thread use the link /questions/new

I do not personally know anything about the issue, but someone will no doubt provide an answer.

My possibly naive assumption would be that if the CPU Graphics Card and drivers work with 32 bit Windows they should work with Firefox. Rather than working in Safe Mode initially try using Firefox ordinarily but with Hardware Acceleration off.

If you do post your own question please post links to any blogs that give technical details of this apparent problem.

If you do ask your own question mention it in this thread, I will try to see if I can get you an answer.