Firefox freezes due to a script running. how can I stop it or fix it

I keep having a script run when I am playing Face Book games Especially Battle Pirates and it freezes everything. What can i do to stop it? Or fix it so it dosen't freeze my game?

This script runs over and over while I am playing Battle Pirates. Every time it runs it freezes the darn game and I have to click and click on the screen before a box pops up with a long string and asks if I want to stop the string. This is what it says:

"A script on this page may be busy, or it may have stopped responding. You can stop the script now, or you can continue to see if the script will complete."

" Script: "

What is this and dose it need to run or is it a hacker messing with me and my FF browser ?

When I'm in the middle of a battle screen and it freezes it messes me up. If I am in full screen when it freezes it throws me to another open Browser tab or out of full screen if i don't have another open.

What is this? Something to do with FaceBook? A Hacker ? A BP game glitch. please help. This is driving me crazy. Imagine being in the middle of the best part of a BP battle and freeze.... then click click click i go and zoom to another open window away from the battle so i no longer have a view of the fight let alone control it or boom to non full screen and 1/2 the screen is obscured.

It just happened again while I was typing this request for help. I have a window open with BP also and it took me there. HELP
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